Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Avery!

My sweet Avery, I can not believe you are five years old today! Time is flying by, but I am enjoying every minute of you! You are so precious, sweet, kind-hearted, loving, snuggly and pretty! You always tell me I'm pretty, even when I know I am not! :)

My walk down memory lane is so bitter sweet!




You had so much fun at your birthday party!

I LOVE how Alex is so proud that you are enjoying YOUR Birthday. Look at her face..such a great Sister.

Happy Birthday Avery Michele, Shelly Bear, Shell Bell! I love you to Grandmother's house and back, too! ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My baby went to Prom!

It is really hard for me to believe my baby went to Prom this weekend, but she did! She went with her boyfriend, Justin, and they had a great time! Hope you enjoy the pics, although you may have seen some if you follow Mom or Aunt Cindy! :)

*Click the pics to enlarge them!!

Alex LOVES Justin! She was fixing him for pictures. So sweet!

I love this pic, because it shows her hair. So lovely!

There was a lot of was all worth it! :)

Have a wonderful day!!