Monday, July 4, 2011

A Poem By My Daughter...To Her Marine Cousin

Until Your Boots Touch American Soil

When you went to Afghanistan,
It was a very frightening day.
We all knew you had been trained so well,
And all we could do was pray.

You packed your gear and said goodbye
As ready as could be,
To be a part of an important mission
Carried out by the USMC.

The months went by, your mom was sad,
The stress, so much to bear.
Her oldest son, so far away
With danger everywhere.

We prayed, we cried, we sent you food,
We waited to hear from you.
All the while, having no idea
What you were going through.

Seven months came and went,
Across so many miles.
Seemed it had been forever
Since we saw your smile.

Out of danger, home again.
So glad that you are here.
After many months of worrying
We’re all relieved of fear.

You will leave again this month
And to your Country, stay so loyal
We will miss you once again
Until your boots touch American soil.

Autumn Parrish