Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Don't Really Like Snow.........But They Do!!

We got SOME snow. I say some like that because it was very little. Not quite what they wanted but they were happy still. Alex could not wait to make a snow angel. She made a really good one, although the only place to do it was on the driveway!

This is what our back yard looked like this year.

And this was last year. Quite a bit more and beautiful big snowflakes.

Last year, we were even able to make a snowman! Not this year. Maybe it will still happen. It rarely ever snows in January here anyway. It is usually late February, early March.

Austin was doing whatever made Alex happy!

Avery passed on the snow angel. She did not want to get her hair wet.

Doesn't she look so innocent??
Well, she wasn't! She was just about to throw snow at me! Little stinker! I was already complaining about how cold I was because I gave the girls my gloves!

This is just an innocent picture of Avery and Munson watching Austin and Alex walk through the yard. What happened next was that because of the snow, Munson forgot where the electric fence is. He got lit up!
Here he is keeping his distance from the edge of the yard! You may say "Poor Munson", but do not forget all the mischief he has gotten into!!

The kids enjoyed seeing their names in the snow.

The kids will be excited to get a better snow day, but they still had a good time!
On the break, we got out one of the "Do this with Mommy" items Alex got for her Birthday. This turned out to be the cutest craft and they had a blast! Hand Puppets made from paper bags!
They each made two!
I am not certain who gave this to her, but if you ever run across it, pick one up! It is a lot of fun!
Avery really likes to dress herself. I usually let her wear whatever she wants if she is going to Mom's house to play. Here is one of her creations!
I was testing my hand at Chalkboard Paint a while back, so I painted a big wall in the pantry. I painted with Magnetic paint and this is where we write our grocery items we need and put coupons up with magnets. Avery has a great time playing with it!
Hope all is well with everyone! I have not been blogging as much lately. Still cleaning up from Christmas!...I do have four kids!!!!
...........til next time!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved looking at all those adorable pics! Your family is just so precious!

Theresa said...

Cutest snow angels... where's the big angel? Autumn doesn't really like the snow, huh? We may still that big snow:) Cute pictures Punkin and love those paper puppets! They love craft time! Love you, have a wonderful Sunday!


Cindy Lou said...

Snow angels were cute and I agree with Avery...I would do it either!! Glad you all enjoyed the snow. Have a gret day...Love you!

Kelli said...

Sneaky little snowball thrower!! Love the names in the snow and the magnetic chalkboard area!! Very handy and cute. I saw NO snow!! We'll keep hoping!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

That's 1000 times more snow that we got. ;) Love the pictures and I'm sorry but I laughted out loud about your poor doggie. He was probably thinking "WTH man?! when he got shocked. lol Poor thing.

As usual, I am in love with your "backyard". Too beautiful!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Such cute pictures and well I have to say it Poor Munson, silly dog! If they want snow that badly, I'll mail you some ;)....Enjoy your day, hugs to all!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah, we didn't get much snow, did we? Glad y'all had enough to make the snow angels. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Being from Minnesota, I'm a little jaded on the snow issue, but I do understand the excitement for those who don't get it often. :-) I actually look forward to our FIRST snowfall. After that - not so much. Those little puppets are SUPER cute.

Thanks so much for the comments on my closet craft room. I'm going to put together a tutorial, and I'll TRY to do it soon (soon is kind of a relative term, isn't it? :-)) I will try though.

Katie said...

Cute snow pics and puppets! I look forward to doing crafty things with Zach. Right now he is mainly into eating and breaking crayons. ; )

Traci Michele said...

Hey! Nice to meet you fellow Traci Michele (with 1 L)!

You have a beautiful blog and an adorable family! Thanks for visiting Ordinary Inspirations. It means so much!