Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Friend in Need

This is Ivy. She goes to my Daughter, Autumn's School. From what I hear, she is a really sweet and well-liked young Lady.
Ivy's Family Home burned to the ground this week and was a total loss. She said all of her baby pictures are gone, along with everything else they had. She had one outfit and two pairs of shorts after the fire. They are staying in a hotel. The school is taking up donations for the family and will no doubt help tremendously. Please pray for their Family as they try to get back on their feet.
Here is the news story:

My sweet girl called me today to ask if we could give some money, along with some other Families, to buy Ivy a new Ipod. They were trying to come up with something that would make her smile again, and she loves music, so that was their decision.
I am so proud of this girl and the other girls who have shown a great deal of kindness and compassion for their classmate and friend.

I always wonder if I am doing a good job raising my kids to be well-rounded, caring, compassionate and giving individuals. It is not easy, but when I see them showing these qualities on their own, it really makes me feel like I am doing my job!


Have a wonderful day!


Theresa said...

I read the story on-line and it is so sad! I hope that there are family members with duplicates of pictures like we have so that they can put an album together for her family! I am thankful nobody was hurt!

I am so proud of Autumn for being kind and wanting to give to others!

Love you and YES you and doing a mighty fine job with those four younguns! MOM

Cindy Lou said...

Yep...Ms. Janice was telling me about this! Her dad is a Monroe Police. The town of Monroe is holding a fundraiser for them!! I feel so bad for them!!

Joyce said...

I am praying for this family. I can't imagine. Autumn is an awesome girl to do this for her friend. Chip off the block! ;D

billypandnikkysmom said...

So sad, you should be so proud of Autumn, she is a wonderful young lady! Have you read an y good books lately?????
Hope you have a great night!

Kelli said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job in teaching your children to care about others. Praying for Ivy and her family! How devastating!