Friday, December 17, 2010

The Christmas Picture Bloopers...and some good ones! :)

After I sent a few really good pics to Mom and she said "Wow! Great job! How in the world did you get them to do that?", I thought maybe I should show some of what we go through to get those few really good shots!

Munson walked in and Autumn wanted him in the picture.

Then she called in the "Old Lady".

If dogs could talk, mine would have said "Ok, you look one way and I will look the other."

We tried shots in every position and location we could think of. Someone always did something crazy

Mom: "Austin, open your eyes up a little more".

Mom: "Alex, pick up your chin a bit".

Avery: "Are we almost done??"

Are your Christmas Picture moments like ours? I would love to hear! Thank goodness for digital. There were three times as many taken as what I have shown here!
Merry Christmas!!


Theresa said...

Oh how funny! I love them all... even the crazy ones! Thanks for sharing all of them with us:) They are surely precious children! Love you, MOM

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh they are so cute! Everyone is a good one!! Loved the ones by the fire & of course with the pups.

Looks like everyone had fun, enjoy the season! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh I had the same problem I will do a post on mine!! So funny!!! Love you and enjoyed all the pictures!!

Joyce said...

I loved them!!! It was like "Where's Waldo" as I would look at them and see who messed up! Try it with 10 grandkids! Too funny. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Very funny! Have a very, merry Christmas!

Katie said...

These are great! How funny. Love the red and white colors. ; )