Friday, May 27, 2011

TWO Graduations in one day!!

We had a HUGE dilemma last night! Avery was graduating from Preschool and Alex was graduating from Kindergarten. :( We were upset. We were sad. And then we decided it would only be fair to draw names. Each girl drew names to find out who would attend their Graduation.

Alex drew my name, along with Pa, Cindy and Uncle Jeff.

Off we went to see this little sweetheart graduate!

She had wonderful teachers her first year in the big school!

New friends to last a lifetime..who knows, maybe I will get this same picture 12 years from now!

"I am a first grader now."

We enjoyed our evening with Pa.

And Aunt Cindy!

Gifts from Ganky and Pa.

Alex got the LAST piece of cake...thanks Aunt Cindy!

Hope you enjoyed my pics. Now run over to Mom's blog and see Avery's Graduation! :)


Theresa said...

Thanks Punkin! We worked it out and I think EVERYBODY enjoyed the graduations! Alex looks SO happy! The stair picture is precious!

Love all of the pictures:) Thanks for sharing your babies with me!

Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Awww...both girls looked so adorable! Love the unique way you handled both!

Summer said...

Your blog is so cute all re-done and stuff and I love the header photo you have such a precious family!! OMG two graduating wow such big girls now! Kelcee starts preschool this fall and I always dreamed since she was born of handing her a bouquet of flowers when she graduates pre-school....looks like we think alike and Alex looks super happy to get them and be graduating tell her congrats.
Thanks so much for swinging by and your sweet comment to me!


Joyce said...

Loved the pictures! Congrats to Alex... she is growing up fast! Saw Theresa's pictures too. That was a dilemna! Way to decide! I just love your family! Hugs and love to you, Tracy!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh no, I'm glad it worked out!! She is just too cute & getting soo big! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!