Thursday, June 25, 2009

Myrtle Beach...Here We Come!

I hope you all had a great week! We are leaving on Sunday to go to Myrtle Beach, SC! We are very excited and desperately need a break! We will be at a 4 day ball tournament all weekend and will leave after that, depending on the time. Last year, we left after the same tournament (World Series) and planned on being there at 1AM. Well, our plans did not exactly work out! We got into a THREE HOUR traffice jam behind a wreck and got there at 4AM! I have never been so tired in my life! I could not go to sleep because I was worried about Derek. And Mom, who was waiting for us at the beach, couldn't sleep because she was worried about us. Hopefully this year will go a little more smoothly!

Look who made it back to us this week! It is Aunt Cindy (Marine Mom)!! We missed her!


Ok, if you are ever talking to my Mom in the evening and she blurts out something strange, please do not be alarmed. She is probably watching Wheel of Fortune. That is probably her very favorite game (besides Scrabble with me at the beach ;) and I don't think she misses it much. I was getting a tutorial from her this week about blogging and she, completely out of the blue, said "debit card". Of course, I said "huh?". Then, before she could splain herself, I said "Wheel of Fortune?" and she said "yep". She is so cute.


Moving on... Austin had to do a project at school that involved him (and me) making something useful out of a recyclable object. They called it "Trash to Treasure". We actually had fun doing this project, because to be honest, they are not all fun.Here is the project.

Well, I heard a bird chirp the other morning early, before we let the dogs out, and look what I saw!

How about that?! It was the prettiest Red Bird! I thought of PawPaw Howell. He loved to "Bird Watch". He was moving alot and I did not put my camera on action, so it is a bit blurry (or maybe my windows are dirty..hmmm). Hopefully you can click on it and see it better enlarged. Thanks, Mom, for that tutorial! He is the first bird I have seen on our project, which by the way, WE got a 100! Hooray for US, I mean, Austin. ;)


I let the kids, and Munson the American Bulldog, play in the sprinklers alot. Here are some pics from that.

Avery had a lot of fun this evening! She was drenched!

And above is BB the English Bulldog not getting anywhere near the sprinklers! That would require running around and as you can see, she is not exactly fit. She tends to guard her food when you get anywhere near her. Are you thinking maybe she needs to stop doing that? Hey, I just had an epiphany! If you are struggling a bit with weight, maybe you should start sharing your food more! Think of BB the Bulldog for motivation! Her real name is Big Bertha! We nailed that one, didn't we?!

And here is one of those "View from a child's world" stories. We had a pit bull come into our yard one day and fight with BB (above). Derek not only ran him off, but also went looking for him :0 It really bothered us that a pit bull was running loose around here and our dogs are out all day.

A week or so later, Alex came to me and told me that she was afraid that a pimple was going to come. Of course, I am thinking "Girl, you have a long time before you have to worry about pimples!". Well, I asked her why she was worried about pimples at such and young age and she said "because they come and fight with BB!" ....ohh! Pimple...Pit Bull! Cute, huh?


After Autumn, who slept in our bed with us until she was 4, the other three Parrish children have slept in their cribs until they climbed out. Avery is still in hers at 3 because she likes it, but because of that, she wears a pullup at night. Below is Avery the other night so proud she got herself ready for bed! What's wrong with this picture?

Well, she tried!


Friday is my Wonderful Husband and Father of the four Parrish Children's Birthday! He will be 35! I am 6 months older than he is and he never lets me forget that, so for 6 months of every year, we are actually the same number age! Happy Birthday Honey!

Keep eating healthy foods and walking around with those ankle weights so you will live a long and healthy life.

And get plenty of rest!


By the way, alot of this blog was done on Saturday, the day after my first post! I was afraid I would not have enough to talk about. I do! This is fun! I am actually taking more pictures (not as many of the older two children because they are on the go). Suzanne, BLOG! Even once a week is a great start! You are so witty, just like Kelly. Anna, BLOG! It is a great way to keep us distant relatives up to date on what those sweet little girls are doing! Love you all.

We will be at the beach!

Until Next Time....


Theresa said...

I was hoping you would post early! It is addictive, I have enjoyed it so much. It connects you with so many people with similar interests. I thought people would get tired of me talking about my Grandchildren, but there are other "Gankys" just like me. Take Joyce for instance, she is such a good grandmother to all those children. Anyway, I am looking so forward to our vacation! It is one of my favorite times of the year. Great post!
Love you, MOM

Cindy Lou said...

You should blog more you are good at this!! Love all those pictures!! I am glad to be back and Alex was funny yesterday and said she was just gonna stay with me and not go on vacation cause she would miss me again!! Then I told her Ganky and Pa was going and she for got all about me!! Love the pictures and you will enjoy your much needed vacation!! I love you!!!

suzanne said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! I like the idea of weekend posting. It sorta stressed me out when I felt like I had to do it daily.
Oh, and Jason is eight months younger than me and he reminds me all the time!
I hope y'all have a super relaxing and fun vacay. Can't wait for ours; not a moment too soon :0)
Love ya bunches!

Joyce said...

Tell your hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Washington State. Yes, I represent the WHOLE STATE! lol! I hope you have a wonderful time at Myrtle Beach!

Anna said...

This is such fun this blogging stuff! :) I really want to, but I am afraid to make the commitment right now - maybe I'll try it anyway and see how it goes!!! We'll see! Have a fabulous vacation!

Theresa said...

Hop to it Week-Ender... we need a new post:) Love you, MOM