Friday, July 10, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Pardon my delay!! We have had so much going on! As most of you know, on the way to the beach, Alex got very sick! She ran a very high fever and had to be taken to a clinic two days in a row! The diagnosis.....

Yep, my sweet baby had it! Below is a list of symptoms. She only had fever. Did we catch it early before all the others had time to rear their ugly heads? I like to think so!
She, along with having blood drawn, had to have a chest X-Ray. I was with her when she had it done. She was such a little trooper! Here is what normal lungs should look like..

And this is what hers looked like! I just knew something was wrong when I saw what looked like smoke blown into her lungs.

Well, after the long ordeal, two shots in the behind and a trip to the drug store, she actually went outside for a bit.

I was certainly happy to see the smile!

Avery and Austin were having fun in the pool!

Avery at the beach!
Pa, Alex, Avery, Derek and Autumn
Derek and Avery

Autumn getting some sun.

We went to the Boardwalk for some amusements. Alex and Avery really had a great time!

We went on the teacups and I got some pics of their dizziness!

I thought I would post this picture! Do you think anyone actually wins these big bears?
Alex on the cars.

And Avery.

Avery on the swinging boat.

Autumn and Austin on a dizzy ride. They were going really fast. I had to take a lot of pics to get one.

Here are some pics from the pool.
Alex continued to improve, but developed blisters on her tongue that probably would have put any adult in the bed! She was so tough!

...and the beach.

Me and My NooNoo (Alex)

Me and Shelly Bear (Avery)
Autumn and Avery at the amusement park. What you do not realize in this picture, is that Avery was getting ready to punch Autumn in the face (probably because of the carpet burn Autumn put on her forehead the day before)!!

These girls love Amusement Rides!

We went to the water park and the following pics are from that trip!!

I love this picture of them chatting at the kiddie pool.
My sweet boy posing for his Mommy!

And my sweet girl!

Alex wanted me to take this one!!

Avery: "Don't tell anyone what I am about to do to you"

She is pretty rough with Austin! Must be the wrestling they watch together!

Ganky and Alex

Austin on the slide (left)
And Autumn and Derek on the slide

Pa was so attentive to the girls' every wish! He is the best!!

Whatever Ganky was taking a picture of... you probably saw it on her blog!

Avery is fearless! She went bungee jumping two times and never got scared! Here is the video of her and Alex bungee jumping the first time!

Alex was a little scared, but still loved it!
They actually surprised me on the teacups! Alex was spinning it really fast!

Ok, Alex was excited to drive her very first go cart! She was tall enough.
....but, Avery was not! As I said before, she is fearless and really wanted to drive too... :(
So, Ganky and Avery went to find something to occupy her while Alex stood in line...forever!!!
She Finally made it and boy did she drive well!! I was surprised. I saw some boys older than her crashing all over the course! There is a new generation of "woman drivers" coming people! You need to worry about the boys I saw!!
The girl she met in line that wanted to drive with her. She let a little boy go in front of her so she could ride with Alex!

The whole week, we knew we would end up here. Our favorite buffet at Myrtle Beach! These people really know how to feed you "buffet style"!
Outside of the restaurant, Alex and Avery had to have their picture made with the dolphin!


Now, I will go back a little, because before our trip, we played in a four day ball tournament and I believe my girl, and her Daddy who is her coach, deserve some recognition! Our little ball team is TOUGH! They won the Cam-Sports World Series! They never even lost a game! Here is a picture of the team and I have two websites now for them because I am eventually going to bring the one down that is charging me and just have the blogspot site for them. The sites are: and

Autumn hitting (just before she got hit and sported a MAJOR ball-sized bruise for the vacation week).

Derek's Mom and Dad came over for "belated" Father's Day (since they were on vacation and we did not get to see them), Derek's Birthday and his Mom's Birthday (June 26th and 27th). Here are some pics from that visit.

Derek and his Mommy!

My Austin doing one of his favorite things...

Alex is possibly testing out new Halloween costumes?...

And Avery is the "Newest Disney Princess". Watch for her on the big screen!!

Autumn and Munson! Aren't they cute??
I like this picture of Autumn!

Well, I know the blog was long, but I just had a lot to share! ...and it was a "Two Week-Ender" instead of one!

Love and Good Health to all...

Until Next Time...


Theresa said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post! You were about to get a spanking:) it would be your first! Loved all the pictures and it is always nice to see views of places we were together thru your eyes. Of course your camera got some of the action shots that my baby one didn't! Love you and great post!

Cindy Lou said...

oh look at me....I have internet!!! I love the pictures and I miss all you guys!! Be back this afternoon!! I love you!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I know it takes time. You have got some gorgeous kids, girl! Any one of them could be a model!

Hope everyone at your house is finally well. I'm better, but Jeff's still coughing. Ugh.