Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever...

...was a seven pound, three ounce, twenty inch long, red-headed, blue-eyed bouncing baby boy! I received this present 11 years ago today! Happy Birthday, my sweet Austin! You were always, and still are, such a good boy! Everyone was so proud to have you. Autumn was so excited to have a live baby doll in the house. She was your second "Momma" and loved every minute of it~
Here is my walk through eleven years with my "Little Man"!

With Ganky and Pa on vacation.

Pa's Birthday

Your 8th Birthday.

You and Josh in Gatlinburg. Remember, we got snowed in and had so much fun?

You have always been so good to your sisters! Alex loves to play video games with you!

Of course, you have always loved the beach!

Nine years old.

You were so proud of the trick we played on Dave, the Gator fan! I think he rode around for awhile with the Ga. Bulldog on his truck!

The Varsity should have used this one as a commercial!

You are so talented at all sports. I am so proud of you!

Playing in the camaro.

Of course, here you are with Ganky, who loves you so much!

Happy 11th Birthday, to my "Little Man"! We all love you so very much and are so proud of who you are and what a fine young man you have become!
I am so proud to be your Mom!
Justin Update: He is safe and has called home once since he got there and is close to a "Chow Hall", which is a plus for him, since he is surely missing his Mom's cooking! Thanks for all the prayers. Please keep them up! They really work!
Merry Christmas to all!!!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandson! I love him so much and he loves me too:) I adore his sweet spirit and his love he has for his family! Cute pictures Punkin and I LOVE the new header! I wish Austin a Happy Happy Birthday and tell him, We got presents:) Love you! MOM

Cindy Lou said...

Oh those pictures were great!!! He was a great present and one that just keeps on giving!! I hope that he hs a wonderful day...and you too! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Austin! (He's got a Christmas birthday like me...mine's the 26th!) Love the pictures. And the Christmas header is gorgeous!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Austin. I know you have made your mom proud!!! I love the Christmas pictures!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Austin! Your mama is very blessed to have a wonderful son like you! Hugs and Happy Holidays to you all!

billypandnikkysmom said...

What great pictures & what a great gift :) ~ thank you for sharing your memories with all of us! Happy Birthday Austin, many many more!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures.

Glad to hear that Justin is safe too!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas..

Barbo said...

Happy Birthday Austin Dear Nanny loves you also Thank you for having such a sweet spirit see you tomorrow night

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Happy Birthday to your son! 11 years old? I love seeing his baby pictures. I love any kind of baby pictures. Although it's making scared when my kids will turn 11. :(

I hope he had a good birthday!

Joyce said...

Such a handsome young man you have! Love the redhair! Wish him Happy Birthday from Washington State! xoxo

billypandnikkysmom said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family, God Bless Hugs to all!!!