Monday, February 1, 2010

A Man in the Ladies' Lounge and What I've Been Up To

First of all, let me explain the title. We have specific areas for certain types of toys. With the two little girls, things can get pretty out of sorts. We do not always get everything back where it belongs, but there is still a designated place. I like to clean the girls' rooms while they play in the tub because the bathroom is beside their rooms. I was collecting Barbies for the Barbies' Lounge and could not believe my eyes!
Sir!!! You mustn't be in here! Can you not see some of these women are changing clothes? This lounge is for Ladies only! Ken is not even allowed in here! You must exit immediately! He threatened me, kicked the red-head in the face and I ran. He may still be there. I am pretty sure he can take me.


Enough of my goofiness.... I have been READING so much lately! I love it! There are days that I do not blog, although I really enjoy it, because of reading. I got a Sony Digital Reader from my Hubby for Christmas and I LOVE it! I have read so many books already. It is a really neat gadget. You go to the store and search for books. When you find one you want, you just download it right there. No computer needed. It is 3G wireless! The books download immediately and you just start reading! I love it!
My most recent book (which I started on Sunday and read 230 pages ON Sunday) is Sarah's Key. This is a great book! I was always fascinated with The Diary of Anne Frank and this is a similar type of story. I could not put this book down Sunday. If you are looking for a great book, go check it out. They are making it into a movie (which does not really mean anything to me, since books are almost always better {Twilight, New Moon, The Lovely Bones}).

I WILL be disappointed when it is over!
Have you read a great book lately? If so, let me know! I need the next book and I am not sure what it will be! Suggestions please!!


Moving on.......

Lots of dogs are "car dogs". What I mean is that I have seen dogs riding in cars all over the place, but BB was NEVER a car dog. Getting her to go somewhere means picking her up and placing her in the car forcefully. Taking her to the vet is horrendous. She usually has a nervous "movement" (if you know what I mean) on the way across the parking lot. Munson, on the other hand, wants to go EVERYWHERE with us. He rides in the bobcat to the road on trash night. He gets in the car and rides with me every day to get Autumn from School. He LOVES the car. Here he is on our way home one day. He rides on the console. I believe he thinks he is little. I call him my "Lap Dog" because you can not tell him he isn't.

Austin gave himself a lesson Static Electricity this week. This all ties in to Munson. Just wait. He rubbed the pillows and ended up with this hairdo! This is funny because Austin will not wear his hair spiked in any way whatsoever. I kindof like it! :)

Staying with the electricity subject. I heard BOTH dogs arguing with each other in the yard. I looked out to see what the commotion was and saw them playing tug of war with this.
An electrical cord (or part of one)! Then I began to wonder where it came from.

Found the source.....STILL plugged in! HUH? Aren't you supposed to get shocked if you chew an electrical cord in half while still plugged in?! Not Munson and BB! They are fine! Derek, on the other hand, was furious! Apparently, the cord they ruined was quite expensive!

I'm still shocked they didn't get shocked!
That's all for me. Not a very eventful week, but still a good one!
Please continue to pray for my Cousin, Justin. He is about to complete his first mission and I know that some of his guys have been killed on this mission. So sad. Please pray for those families and a safe return for the others.
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Til next time...............................


Cindy Lou said...

Look at me first to comment!! Great post and I think that those dogs chew through stuff so quick it couldn't shock them!! haha!! Austin looks very handsome with the spiked hair!! Well great post!! Love you!!

Theresa said...

I read it on my phone, but it isn't easy to comment as you well know. Cute post, the guy in the girl's lounge... shame on him:) Munson is cute riding with Autumn but those pups better be careful with that cord. I have not read anything lately unless you count Country Living and Southern Living Magazines! Have a sweet day my dear Daughter! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckles!! Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Pattycakes said...

Anonymous was me...Pattycakes!

Traci Michele said...

haha! Every time I see your name, I think it is me at first!

Too funny!

Thanks for visiting Ordinary Inspirations!


Its So Very Cheri said...

REALLY I am shocled you fifn't have HOT DOGS.

Thanks for posting about the give-a-way.

I have you covered on all your entries.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Tracy, I just bought "Sarah's Key" 2 Saturdays ago!!! I love books too, I read so much and so fast that I am always at the book store!!! I will do a book review for you in a post or two, I;ve got lots of good ones here in my little "office"...if I were closer I'd bring them on over for you to read :) Loved the Barbie story!!! Those dogs, I bet Munson chewed it up & BB was telling him NO...My Bailey, Yellow Lab 100lbs thinks I'm her Momma & we have to snuggle together every night, aren't we just two lucky chicks, LOL!!! Enjoyed your post!!!!! Have a great night, hugs to everyone!!

Kelli said...

I am still laughing about the man in the lounge!! Thanks!!! I also think the hair pic is cute and the dogs not getting shocked is amazing! I am very excited about reading "Sarah's Key" Thanks for the suggestion. Have a LOVELY week!

Kelly said...

Loved Ken in the ladies lounge. When my boys were little we called all those action figures "guys."

The dogs cracks me up! And I'm like you, shocked (no pun intended) that they weren't shocked.

Anonymous said...

The man in the ladies lounge was too funny! :-) I haven't heard of that reader, but it sounds like a really convenient way to read. I wonder if I would miss the actual book and being able to turn the pages. Just something about that I like - kind of like looking at a good decorating magazine instead of the computer. Hope you have a great day!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I never have time for books but I should make time at night. I'll try to find that book. A good read is hard to find.

Holy cow your dogs didn't get shocked! lol Someone is looking after them! ;)