Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn's Homecoming 2010

Last night, we watched our baby girl leave on a bus with 27 others to go to Homecoming at her new school. She is almost 15 and I am wondering where the time went. I took a lot of pictures of her and her friends. I hope they had fun! All of the girls in the group stayed together last night, so I have not seen her yet.

Isn't she lovely? :)

In the car on the way to meet everyone...I wonder what she was thinking...

There were so many beautiful places to take pictures, including a horse and carriage! Avery and Alex wanted to get in on the horse pics!

I do not know many of the girls yet, just the softball players, but aren't they all so pretty?

Here is one I know. Brooke is the other pitcher on the softball team. She is a good kid with great parents! Autumn! :)

This is Autumn's Date, Justin. Ganky was pinning his flower on. I like that I got Autumn smiling in the side of the picture!

The group. I am sure they all had a blast.

Autumn and Justin

Softball Friends: Brooke, Autumn and Taylor

Ganky with Avery, Alex and Austin going to the car for a water break.

Me: "Aww, have a great time, Autumn! I love you!" Autumn: "Ok, Mom...Bye" (she meant to hug me and tell me she loved me, too.) Ohh well, I know she does. :)

Can't wait to hear about the evening.
Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Theresa said...

Great pictures, happy to see the jumping one... I love it! My camera doesn't do jumps:)

I am so proud of her, not only the beauty on the outside but the love on the inside!

She is precious to me and has always and will always have a special place in my heart!

I love you and appreciate all you did to make it a most special night!


Joyce said...

Wow! She looks so grown up! I love the picture of her in the car. I wonder what she was thinking about, too. She is so pretty... I think the prettiest one there... although I may be a bit prejudice! You are such a great mom! Cherish these times! Love you, Tracy!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress...she looked awesome! All the dresses were cute! Why didn't they have those when I was in school?

Wanda said...

Oh, that must have been bittersweet. Such a lovely group of young people - just dying to break out into life. Sigh...........

Your Autumn is a beautiful young lady. And I love her dress!!!