Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Little Old Couple

I was getting my hair done the other day, when I looked up and saw a little woman walk in. I watched as she slowly came in to sit down and wait for her turn. Walking slowly behind her was her little husband, staying close behind, carrying her oxygen tank. He got her settled in her seat, handed her the tank and turned to slowly walk out the door with assistance from his cane. As I sat and thought about this, I wondered what he would do while she was there. Sit in the car and read the paper? Go home and wait? I wasn't sure. I just thought the whole event was really sweet. He took care of her and made sure she was ok.

I started to think about the movie, UP. If you saw it, you were probably moved by the beginning of the movie, as I was. The little couple met as children and eventually married. Their names were Ellie and Carl.

They loved each other dearly and had the sweetest little life together.

They grew old together and were so happy, just the two of them.

Ellie eventually got sick and passed away and Carl went on a big adventure to place their home in her "dream location". It was a really sweet story with a fun adventure. I know this movie has been out for a while, but this is what I thought of when I saw the sweet little "Carl-like" man carrying the sweet little "Ellie-like" woman's oxygen tank.

He knew for the rest of his life that he took care of Ellie. I was proud to see that little old man in the beauty shop taking care of his "Ellie".

What a sweet relationship and great example to live by. I feel safe with my "Carl" and hope we will have a long and happy life together! I am sure if the need arises, he will "Carry my tank" to the beauty shop and I hope yours will, too!

Have a wonderful day!


Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet story! My Carl will carry my tank if he can strap it on the bicycle:) Otherwise, I'll have to get you to help!

Love you, MOM

Summer said...

What a sweet story and made me tear up!! Love that he was taking care of his Ellie!!

The hubs already shows that he will be there to take care of me and in many years to come I am sure he will be holding my tank too!!

Thanks for sharing this sweet story
Summer :0)

Wanda said...

Sweet post Tracy - what a beautiful image you made.

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh, how sweet...I did see that movie & I cried my eyes out :) it was a good story!! I hope we are all like Carl & Ellie when we "grow up"!!! Almost finished with an amazing book, I'll fill you in later!!

Joyce said...

That was beautiful. That is what "in sickness and in health" means. Love is grand. I pray my grandkids find that kind of love some day! Thanks for sharing this with us... made my day! xoxo Thanks for your prayers too! love you!

Anonymous said...

I read this a while back, but my computer was acting up and I couldn't I will now!

I love, love this story...makes me tear up for sure!

Thanks for the comment on the facebook post...I wasn't too sure how people would take it...glad I didn't offend you...I'd just had it up! LOL

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