Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Momma always says...

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get". ~~ Ohh wait, that was Forest Gump's Momma!

What MY Momma says is this:

"You can never be TOO busy"

When my Mom worked at Southern Bell AKA BellSouth, she had someone tell her that you can never be too busy and I am sure she had to tell herself that over the years. I felt that way this week, though, and I kept trying to say to myself that I will not have more than I can handle laid upon me!... aaah who am I kidding?! I had way too much going on this week!! I WAS TOO BUSY! I don't like being so busy that I get that overwhelmed feeling! AND I HAD IT!!

~Here is my friend, the Frazzled Kitty! You will see him from time to time! I think he symbolizes how I feel at times!~


It started Saturday when I was trying to get behind the mammoth sized desk in my office at the house to work on the fax line and as I was (gently) sliding the shelf above the desk a little foreward, the whole thing toppled on my head! It hurt my noggin but the worst part was the cabinet doors opened and everything came crashing out onto the floor. It was a huge mess! Anyway, Alex came in while I was cleaning it all up and found some Chuck E. Cheese coins on the floor! CRAP! You know what came next..she HAD to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. OMG remember it was Saturday! The WORST day to go there. She had been so sick that you know we took her (reluctantly). It was worse than we imagined it would be. That place was packed, but our two little Princesses did not mind at all. They had the best time. Here are some pics from that glorious event.

It took me forever to get Alex and Avery them to look at me through this window (you know they couldn't hear me)!

We decided to take them horseback riding! ;)

And Avery met a friend while we were there!


After that splendid visit, we were starving. The kids love the Japanese Steakhouse and SO DO WE! So off we went to the "Fire Place" (that is what they call it because they make fire). On the way there, Alex said she wanted to go to Wendy's instead.. HUH? She wanted nuggets. We talked her back into the Fire Place and off we went! They love to eat with chop sticks. Here is a picture of Alex eating her salad with chop sticks.

That reminds me of the time that one of them wanted pork chops at the fire place and I kept saying they did not serve pork chops there. Finally when they handed us the chop sticks, I realized she what she meant. Which kid was that??... I believe Avery. I might be getting old, but not too busy! ;)


Austin was invited to participate in a Summer Science Camp provided by the Rockdale County Magnet Program. It was a pretty neat deal. They studied forensics and crime scene investigation and I was so excited about it that I asked Austin if they needed some Chapperones. He never answered me..hmm. Do you thing he is getting to "that age"? Hope not.

Anyhoo, here is where I got BUSY! (but not too busy ;) He had to be there at 9 every morning and get picked up at 12. I would get ready and head out with him as soon as Cindy got there to watch the girls. It was a rush to get there and then I headed to the office every day after that. Then, before I knew it, it was time to go back and get him! I enjoyed the one on one time with him. We ate Chick-fil-a two days because I can eat healthy there and Mom helped me with pick up a couple of days, too! See, I could have been even more busy!

Ok, you're thinking "that was not so bad" right? Well, then every day, Austin and Alex had Vacation Bible School from 6 to 9 PM! I know the kids are out of school, but we work and that was hard EVERY NIGHT! They had fun, though. That's what matters, right? But I was BUSY!

Here are some pictures from the night.

My Wonderful Friend Pattycakes with Avery!

Austin was such a big Brother!!


Here is my newest Pizza creation! The link to the website is below it. I have a new cooking show I love. Check it out! You really have to put yourself out there with this pizza but we LOVED it!!


I had a nice surprise Thursday! Look who came to visit! It is nice when they will still have something to do with you!! I love him! He is a fine young man!


Pics from the week...

Morning Alex!

Morning Avery!

Morning Austin!

OHH BB! So sorry we did not know it was raining!!! :(


Have a Great Week! Til next time...


Cindy Lou said...

You are always busy!! I know that stressed out feeling I get it too! I love all the pictures and I am glad that everything went good and just think school starts in just one week!!! YAYYYY!!

Theresa said...

Well lookie here at The Week-Ender, great post punkin! Love all the pictures and I know it was a tough week... add in Derek out of town too! Love you mucho! Mommy

suzanne said...

Whew.... I know how ya feel! I have been crazy busy, too. Guess we all are, but we do need to stop and smell the roses. My baby is starting kindergarten in TWO WEEKS, and my poor little heart can't stand it.
BTW, Eli met that same friend at that crazy restaurant as Avery. He must really get around!
Love ya and have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Wow, busy but fun. Jeff said the next time y'all go horseback riding he'd like to go! We cracked up over the pictures at Chuck's place.

Joyce said...

Is Austin into wrestling? My grandkids are. My cousin is a wrestler and got to wrestle with "Jake the Snake" recently! Some of the grandkids didn't even know who it was! lol!