Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Finished Strong!

The last week of our summer break started with the swim party at Mom's with Justin. I know all of you know about that but I am gonna post my pictures anyway! We really had a great time and it is always good to see his happy face! I love him and wish him well on his journeys ahead!

Here are some pics from the day...

Avery Lounging

Alex Lounging

Mom and Avery coming back from a Potty Break

Alex in her goggles

And Avery in her goggles

The girls having lunch


Saturday, we went to Pattycake's Daughter, Abby's Birthday Party at Rockdale Gymnastics. The kids had a blast. Here is Abby opening our gift that she really seemed to like.

Daddy and Avery enjoying the party

And Abby enjoying the pajamas and matching sleep mask we gave her! So cute!


Pappa Bear said "Someone's sleeping in my chair!"

And Momma Bear said "Someone's sleeping in my chair!"

I couldn't resist! I have always had this thing for sleeping babies!!


Next stop... The Yellow River Game Ranch!

Poor Avery learned right away that her height was a disadvantage!

Patty had a sack of food and they found it right away! Look at the deer's head!

Autumn and her friend, Rylee

Yes, Autumn was trying to get the deer to "Sit"!

Alex loved the baby goats!

Austin was running with this one.

Autumn was scolding one! She was funny!

Autumn and Avery feeding a deer. Avery was pretty intimidated.

But she still had a great time...from a distance!

Autumn was NOT kissing him, but didn't it look like it??!!

Austin, Abby and Emily Posing in front of General Beauregard Lee's House (the famous groundhog!).

Ganky pausing in the rain for a pic!

This is a safe distance for Avery!

Emily and the goat that said "If you won't give it to me, I will come get it!!"

Avery hung with Pattycakes the whole time!

Emily, Alex (who does NOT like to get her feet wet) and Abby

They had to ride this before we left!

That's All Folks!!


We ditched our trip to Six Flags due to possible bad weather and went bowling instead. It was alot of fun. Here are some pics from the day!!

Avery said the ball was heavy!

Alex was so excited to try her Wii bowling skills out.

Austin was really good at it!

The girls couldn't roll it very hard so they spent a lot of time waiting..patiently!

Alex... 1,2,3,



Avery waiting on her ball..

Avery directing balls to the right side

Aren't the shoes cute?


When we left I told the kids I would fix them an ice cream cone when we got home. I sat the ice cream out and when I came back in, there was a mouse in it!!

A really cute one!! ;)


And here is a first! I was washing dishes one night and saw something peculiar in the pine straw. I kept looking and realized what it was! Ohh my! This is the first one I have seen since we moved in this house almost three years ago!

This snake is NO MORE!

Here is the new workout we are doing! WAY harder than Jillian but definitely worth it!


And here is the latest recipe I made this week. It was really good and it is another one from Sam the Cooking Guy! I had an amateur blog moment when I made it because I took a picture of my plate and after I ate it, I realized there was no card in my camera! Anyhoo, here is the link. It really is yummy.

Have a great week and I wish all the kiddies that have to return to school the best!!

Until Next Time..............


Theresa said...

Great post Punkin! I get soooo excited when I see a new Week-Ender:) Love the girls sleeping in Mamma Bear and Pappa Bear chairs. What a wonderful week we had and the fact that we got to spend some of it with Justin-icing on the cake! Love all the pictures and thanks for sharing your fun with your Mama! Love you, Mommy

Cindy Lou said...

I love the post and my computer is getting a new hard drive! I saved all my pictures tonight and it is ready to go to the doctor! I will take it Monday and will be able to get it back Monday!! Yayy!! I love the mama and papa bear chair darn cute!! Glad I get to spend so much time with you all and share my family with you all!! Have a great day and I look forward to next week!! Love you so much!

Joyce said...

ok... i have to comment on the SNAKE that everyone keeps telling me ya'll never see!!! yikes! that freaks me out. what kind is it? who killed it? you?
other than that photo... i loved them all! such a great looking family!

tracychele said...

Joyce, I would move out of my house to a hotel if I saw one inside! I did not kill it! I am terrified! I waited until Derek went out and injured it before I took the pictures! I had pics of him with his shovel doing the deed but he had work boots and shorts on since I was rushing him to get it! I did not think he would approve, although I think he looks great in anything!! Have a great day!

Kelly said...

Your week was packed with fun! We've been dry all summer, then when you plan something outside, what happens? It rains. Oh, well. Y'all made lemonade out of the lemons and I'm glad.

Hope Autumn and Austin have a good first day back to school.

Love ya!

suzanne said...

Great post! AND, Jason and I have been doing P90X. He's lost 12 pounds. I've lost none, but anyway, I feel good! It will kick your butt and made us so sore we could hardly move the first few days. But... we'll stick with it.
Cute pictures of cutie pie kids. My kids have one more week :0(
Love ya and have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous children! Sleeping babies are so precious!

And...thanks for visiting and leaving a's so nice to "meet" someone new!