Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Busy Week!!

Our week started with Breakfast at Cindy's! We got together and ate Cindy's wonderful breakfast! If you have never had her breakfast, you are missing out and if you have had it, I need to say no more, right? She is a wonderful cook! I ate way too much but do not get to eat like that very often. Did I mention that we got to see Justin one more time before he went back? I got all the Cousins (that were there) together for a picture! That's alot of kids for just two Moms!

Then it was BACK TO SCHOOL! Austin in fifth grade and Autumn in eighth! They are such good kids. They have set alarm clocks and gotten themselves up for years! I am so grateful that they do that. It makes my morning so much easier!

I realized on the first day of school that Austin has been carrying the same backpack since First Grade! Every year I ask him if he wants to go pick out a new backpack and every year his response is "There is not anything wrong with the one I have". Pretty neat kid, huh?

This is the kind of backpack it is. It's made by Swiss Army and I paid about 50.00 for it, but I had no idea I was gonna get my money's worth out of that purchase!


As most of you know, Alex went BACK to the ER the other night. She had fever and needed a repeat chest X-RAY anyway, so we took her up there. Pneumonia is officially gone and it seems to just be some Mystery Fever! I believe I was told that one of Suzanne's kids had these strange fevers. We were in and out in only two hours, which was great compared to 7.5 hours last time! Thanks for prayers Loved Ones!!!
Here is a sweet moment I had with her:
She called me into her bedroom through the monitor saying she was wet and she needed medicine. She does have the occasional accident so I went in prepared to help her and also had thermometer and medicine. She actually was not even wet, but sweating and her hair had gotten damp from sweat (fever leaving maybe?). I took her temp and she did not even have a fever so I just loved on her and put her back to bed and tucked her in tight. As I was leaving the room, she said "You are taking good care of me"..... pause......sigh........ I hope I NEVER forget that moment or how it made me feel (and still does).

She got to feeling better the next day and played Play-Doh with Austin and Avery!

Here is Alex's precious baby playing the part she requested perfectly!
She is such a sucker for a Parrish child!!

Cindy turned me on to a new extremely low cal snack this week.. These little crisps are like dried fruit but with all the air removed. I love them, but I came around the corner just as Austin took a bite and I can tell you without him speaking a word... he did not like them!!

I just tried these today. I was a little skeptical due to the fact that I don't like the mini rice cakes. I think they leave a waxy aftertaste, but these are a different kind and out of this world! You must try them!


Look closely at the following picture. Turn your head to the left. It is a car! HUH? We were coming back from the hospital and we saw this car. It was one of those advertising Volkswagons. Isn't that crazy?

And here is a shirt I saw at Kohl's this week in the young man size 8-14 section. Is that necessary? My child is 10 and while I think it is kind of funny, I would NOT buy him the shirt to wear until maybe 18!!

It is kind of funny though... It does stink when it happens! Or when your marshmallow gets nice and burnt and just ready to come off and you let the coat hanger that you are roasting it on fall a little and it gets charred wood pieces on it and you have to start over!

Ok, I have been giving a new recipe every week, so here goes!

This is a recipe for the best pork chops I have ever tasted!! EVER!

Hope you cook these if you don't cook anything else I have given... YUMMY.

Have a wonderful week!

Until Next Time................


Theresa said...

Great post Punkin! You do have a BUNCH of great younguns. Now that one with the pacifier and bow in her hair... how funny:) Love the comment from Alex and yes you do take very good care of all of them and I am very proud of you. That Austin didn't even want to go school shopping because he said he "had clothes"! So I am not surprised that he has the same bookbag. Great purchase! Love you and happy things are calm over there! I am gonna try the pork chops, as soon as you make them for me:)

Cindy Lou said...

Love the post!!! You are so good at this and it's is something that I really look forward to eveweek!! I got Bradley that swiss bookbag and it lasted him about 4 years!! I can't wait to try the pork chops...I wonder if Preacher Tommy would like those...HA! I know the alcohol will cook out but will be funny to tell him about it!! I love the new baby of the family she is so cute!!! But she is a little big for that pabby don't you think!! LOL!! I love you!!!Have a great week!!!

Kelly said...

Hope Alex is feeling lots better! You get what you pay for in a bookbag, that's a fact Suz and I learned years ago. Sweet, sweet boy. Now, as for that other kid you've got. I'm not so sure about that one. Looks like she might need to cut the apron strings.

I hate pork chops, but my family loves them. I'm going to check the recipe out and let you know.

suzanne said...

Your little girl with the bow in her hair is just adorable. But in case you didn't know (being the mother of 4) it is time to get rid of the paci. HA!
I hate pork chops, too, but my family also likes them. I get so ill, because I try to cook every night, and Alayna and Eli never really like anything I make. They would rather have a bowl of cereal.
I'm so glad Alex's scare was nothing. Reid was my child who always ran wacko fevers. He missed an entire week of school once because it just wouldn't go down, but nothing really became of it. He was sorta sickly, too, when he was younger. Thankfully he's outgrown a lot of it, and I think Alex will, too!
Oh, and BTW, Reid carried the same Under Armour backpack for two years! That's crazy for him, because he's pretty rough on stuff. Get what ya pay for. This year I got him a North Face one. It was EXPENSIVE, so we'll see how it holds up. Sorry for the long comment, I just had so much to say!!
Love ya!