Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love My Life!!!!

I do love being a Mommy and I do love being a Wife! I also really love my job and have a great relationship with all my co-workers! So, when Steve's Wife, Melanie, had a Hysterectomy this past week, we all got together and fed them. My part was a Macaroni and Cheese Casserole and my new Squash Casserole that my Family LOVES! It is so good, but one of those multiple step processes! No pain, no gain right? Well, I could not deprive my family of Squash Casserole, so I made two! They were grateful! I was tired! Here is the one I made for Steve's Family. They have two adults, three High Schoolers and an Elementary Schooler in their home, so we had to make lots of food!

And after I cleaned all the dishes, I turned around to put them away and decided to take a picture. This is how many dishes I used to make food. I also made two banana breads that day. One for my friend's Mom who fell and of course, one for us!!

I had a funny moment with my Husband last weekend. We love sushi!! LOVE SUSHI! I decided to try my hand at making California Rolls, which most people say is not really sushi, but it is just cooked sushi, not raw. Anyway, we had all the items and as I was rolling and he was watching, we were trying to speak Japanese. Just one of those cute moments. We were even talking Japanese as we ate them. They were pretty good, by the way! I love laughing with him! I love it when he laughs so hard he can hardly breathe. Does that sound bad? It really is funny. Ask one of my kids.


Ok, I have been doing P90X for FOUR WEEKS now! Yay Me!! It has been hard at times but I made it. I varied from their plan a little on week three because I got a "kink" in my shoulder. It felt like a "crick" you get in your neck. Anyway, I would substitute Plyometrics for anything having to do with Shoulders or Arms. Hello, if you know P90X, you know I did not cheat. I made it harder! Plyometrics is "Jump Training". I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out and Plyometrics burns between 650 and 750 calories every time I do it! I hope Suzanne will back me up on the comments. It is HARD! I love it though. I am back doing arms this week so all is well. It is almost time to take the 30 day pictures. We took pics of day one, which you will never see, and will take them Sunday (nope, you won't see them either). Not there yet!

My little girls love to exercise with me. Here they are doing push ups.

They did a workout with me one day and said they wanted workout outfits... so... Ganky went and got them some! They loved them and immediately wanted to exercise. I took video for all to see!

The Video


Look how good Alex wrote Avery's name the other day! Isn't that great?! Normally I would say that too... BUT

She wrote it on this... click the picture to enlarge (if I set it up right).

Avery's Dresser!! :0 That's not good. Did I mention she wrote it in red pen? I called her in there and snapped her picture just as she was telling me Avery did it. My 3 year old, Avery, is apparently much smarter than even I gave her credit for and I really do think she is smart. But no, we all know it was not Avery. Alex said "It is her dresser, so I put her name on it.".

I haven't taken it off yet. I am not sure I want to.


And here is my MVP! They got new uniforms this year and they really are sharp! The name of the School is General Ray Davis Middle, named after Ray Davis. He was a Marine who served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving hundreds of trapped Marines during the 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Pretty great guy. Makes me proud to have a cousin in the United States Marine Corps! I got sidetracked. Davis Middle School has Marine signs all over the school, some say OOH-RAH, which I quickly knew was a Marine saying from Justin. The whole Marine theme carried over this year to the Softball Jerseys. I love the Camoflauge pattern. Isn't that cool?...and isn't she cute?

As some of you already know, Autumn pitched a NO HITTER at her first game of the season. She hit two batters in the beginning, but they ended up being the only two to get anywhere near a base! She settled down and struck every batter out after that! She even got two home runs! She wanted those homeruns so bad. I have never seen her run so fast! Our Eagles ended up winning 15-0! Awesome job Baby Girl! We were so proud!


I am posting early this week because Friday will be busy. I have to work and then Autumn has a five o'clock ball game! Then Derek and I, along with some friends, are going to see Joel Osteen at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. We are Super Excited because we really like watching him on TV. If you have never seen him, you should watch it sometime. We can't wait. Anyway, I don't know when I will have a chance to post, so here it is!

Here is where we are going Friday Night!!


Have a wonderful week!


Until next time.................................


Cindy Lou said...

Very good post for a very good weak!! I wouldn't take the name off...just leave it!! I can't wait to watch the video!! And I hope you enjoy Joel and I do love to hear him! Have fun and can't wait until next weekend!!

Theresa said...

Yippeee, a new post! I read a lot of them every day and get excited when I see a new one from you! Loved the video and they are too cute in their workout clothes! Neither of them needs it but it is a good habit to get into! Loved the game and can't wait til tomorrow night! Oh, who is keeping the kids for you guys to go to see that dude? Me and Pa? Oh, OK! Love you mucho and proud of you for making food for Michele and Steve! Cindy, you too! Love you all!

Kelly said...

That video is so cute!

Kelli said...

Too cute!! Thanks for the comment on JOY. Your family is beautiful and it's heartwarming to see how much you love being a wife and mom.

Joyce said...

That was the cutest video of them exercising! Alex is sooo focused! Avery exercises like me... kind of not as into it and easily distracted... and my pants would be inside out too! lol! I just loved it! Great post! (My daughter Karla loves sushi too.... yuk). Have a great weekend!