Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader?

Ever feel like you need to be the one wearing the "Dunce Cap"? I did this past week several times! Autumn is in 8th grade Advanced Math. I was shocked to find that I could not help her until I taught myself! This math is hard, people! I like to think I am a fairly intelligent person (as I say that, the word "intelligent" does not look right :) Wouldn't that be funny?). Anyway, I believe you guys should have to share my pain with me. I am going to throw some of the problems your way and you try to figure them out if you want! I will have to take my "cap" off to see your answers...

Ok, here goes (and since I only post once a week, I will put the answers in comments later):
1. A container has 5 red balls and 3 blue balls. Two balls are drawn WITH replacement. Find the Probability and answer in a fraction.
a. P(red, followed by red)= ________________
b. P(red, followed by blue)= ________________

2. Show the number of possibilities for the following:
-The number of ID Cards containing one letter and 3 numbers (how many different ID numbers are there total?)______________

Which cap are you wearing right now? Thinking Cap or Dunce Cap?

Of course, once she heard the camera click, she just HAD to flash that beautiful smile at me! No matter how frustrated I get, these kids are my EVERYTHING!

These are the days I miss with Autumn... and still enjoy with these three!
Funny story about this picture. The first one I took, they were all reading in different positions. I took a picture and when I looked at it on my camera, I realized there was one problem with the "almost perfect" picture. Avery had no panties on! Ohh My! That is a normal event around here for little girls, but to put on the blog? It was funny, but I had to re-take!



Most of you saw Alex's Graffiti on Avery's Dresser! Alex also wrote a big "X" in pen on my leather ottoman, and NOW, BANANAS!

Is this how children mark their territory?!

We had a softball game this week and here are some pictures from that almost disaster of a game! Autumn pitched good, but if the ball got hit, we looked like the "Bad News Bears" without the cusswords (Well, I bet some of the parents were letting those fly freely).

We were down 6 to 2 and it was our last shot to win, which seemed like a longshot! The result of the game below!

While the game was going on, I looked over and saw Pa leaning against this sign. You have to be at any Sporting Event with Pa to know how much he gets into sports! When things are not going well, he goes away (remember the Bad News Bear watching Parents?). Not sure if that is why but....
Anyway, I instantly thought of the guy I see on the side of the road every day marching up and down the sidewalk holding a sign to advertise for a company. Why do companies get people to hold signs? Is there an ordinance that you can not put it in the ground? The problem is that he looks so ridiculous dancing around that I don't even look at the sign! Effective Advertising? I tend to think not.
Anyone who thinks little siblings of ball players get "dragged" around to the games does NOT have a little one! They absolutely LOVE going to the ball field!
Go Alex! Look at you pumping your arms just like Daddy says!

I got a little teary eyed when Avery made her own friends! So Sweet!

And this is Raven. She is one of the sweetest kids I know and she loves my girls! They also love her so much and she had her mom bring her to our game so she could see them! They were so happy!

We pulled it off in the last inning! We are the EAGLES! Yay!!!

Moving on... I have been trying to add little accents to my house that make me happy! I found these "Lucky Bamboo" plants and thought they were too cute! They have found a home on each side of my Kitchen Sink!

Welcome Home Little Fellas!

And if you go to Mom's blog, you will see that I gave her one of these Christmas Wreaths I made. They are super easy and so cute! The supplies you see below are all you need!

I gave this one to MOM!
And this one to CINDY!
They really loved them. It made my day to make theirs! That is what it is all about anyway, right?

So anyone who wants the directions, go here:
I know the blog was long, but do your Math!
And have a wonderful and safe Holiday Weekend!!!
...........until next time!


Cindy Lou said...

Well I will have to go ahead and admit that I am not smarter than an 8th grader!! I am not even gonna give it a try!! I love the way Alex is marking on everything except when it come to the furniture!!! She is just a little girl!!! They do love going to the ball field! You have a great week and I love your blog!!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Well I am definitely not smarter than an 8th grader. Love all the pictures. They are all so precious. Sweet babies reading! Love you. Typing on iPhone. Arggghhhhhh.

Theresa said...

Anonymous is yo mama.

Kelly said...

Well, it goes without saying that I stink at Math. Even kindergarten math. Jeff's the homework Math helper in our house.

The bananas, aren't you glad you blog so you now have that scrapbooked? That's the cool thing about it is that you document all the little things in life that are so wonderful.

And I agree with you on the nuts holding the signs. Although I must admit. After a workday like I had today, I might consider holding a sign myself. Does Derek need someone to advertise for his company? I can stand a long time. Even in the heat. And I'll jump up and down or spin in circles if need be.

Kelli said...

I failed!! Math is not my forte!!! Congrats on the win! Friends are a blessing. Avery is adorable!!! The wreath you made is so cute and I will try to make one soon. Enjoy your long weekend!

Joyce said...

Where is my wreath? I am the most uncrafty person on the planet! I read the first question and moved on to the rest of your blog. Kind of like how you ignore the sign guy???? I ignored the second question. lol! Andrew is in 8th grade this year and I will not tell him he is smarter than me... ever! But he already thinks he is. I hear ya about the pantie pictures. I'm careful with what I post because Maddie has NO modesty going at all! Hope she gets it soon!!! Have a great weekend! Look forward to your posts!

Theresa said...

Love your new background, Punkin! Where was the picture taken? Love you, MOM!

Tracychele said...

Ok, I must say, you guys actually made me feel better by NOT attempting to answer the math questions! I could not even try without the math materials to look at! Have a wonderful week! Picture taken at the bowling alley in Conyers on a rock! We all had the Georgia Gear on and I had to have a pic for the basement!

Cindy Lou said...

I love your new background and that picture is GREAT!!!