Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Do You Wish For?

Alex and Avery had their first day of preschool this week! They were so excited.

Avery was stressing about school once she got there.

Alex was so happy to finally be in Mrs. Pauline's Class!

Alex and Mom

The first day of School made Avery tired :) Ohh how I love a sleeping baby!


The girls got to test out the playground at the baseball fields this week. Think they liked it?

They do not stay like this for very long. Trust me.

Derek and his two littlest sweeties at the ball field.

Alex was "blowing a bubble".

Do you have any "Phobias"?...Spiders, the dark, heights? Alex has one you may not have heard of: Portopotophobia! Yep, she is deathly afraid of going into a Portable Toilet! The other night, that is all we had to choose from at Autumn's ballgame! She comes close to breaking out in hives.

The NEVER look like this, do they? I wish they did.


This week, we went to see my lifelong friend, Christy, and her Mom. Her Mom is not expected to live much longer. She has had brain cancer for about four and a half years, surgeries, chemo, radiation. They say they can do no more. It is so sad. Mom and I went to see them and it was an hour and a half drive to Butler, Ga. On the way there, we went through Barnesville. Ahh that is where it all began for me and Derek! When we met, he was going to Gordon College in Barnesville and driving through really brought back some memories! By the way, this Monday is our Anniversary! Thirteen years!
Here I am with Christy. She has had to be so strong through the past four years. She has two kids and her Mom lives far away from her. She goes when she can and is just exhausted. Please pray for strength for all involved.

And here we are with my Mom and her Mom! We all met when we moved next door to them. I was 5 and Christy was 4. So sad the way this turned out. Cancer is one nasty disease. The saddest part is that she never had any type of quality to her life from the very day they said "Cancer". She immediately went into brain surgery and never got better. Some people are able to travel or do whatever they desire to do before they die. She never even got that. Sometimes it just does not make sense. My wish for this Family is that they will have the strength to deal with what is ahead.

When we returned home, we felt we had to have a picture of us. We are close, just like Christy and Teresa have always been... I can NOT imagine.

I wanted a picture of me with my handsome boy! Tell people how much you love them! I wish he only knew how much I love him!

Ok, moving away from sadness... The office guys all went on a golf trip Friday morning, so I decided to take the two girls that work with me to lunch. Michele, Patty and I all went to Longhorn. We had the best lunch. We never eat like that, so we enjoyed every minute! In the parking lot, we saw this truck. We see alot of things like this in Rockdale County these days! I bet this driver wishes to never see a speed bump!

We decided to go to the craft store across town that we never go to. Patty would not let me park next to this car. Wonder why... She actually made me move.

Of course, Patty and I had to play while we were there! Laugh while you can, people! I wish for many more laughs with friends and family!

I wish grocery stores had bigger buggys! Don't you get sad when your baby gets too big to ride?

With Fall coming, I have gotten the urge to do things, DIY stuff. Some of the blogs are really motivating me. Some to hug my kids more and some to make things! I started making hairbows this week. I have two girls with long hair and bows are expensive... and hard to make. I wish they were not so hard to make. Here are two my little Model Avery got to try on.

And I made a Fall wreath with Candy Corn on it. I really like this one.

I know kids wish for a lot when the Christmas commercials come on tv. They have started already. I was hearing the little ones say something every time toy commercials came on and I finally went in to check it out and try to see what they were both saying. They were saying "I want that from Santa for Christmas" OVER AND OVER. It is literally a chant they say when a toy commercial comes on for the whole time it is on. It is like they are wishing out loud. It is actually really cute.

What do you wish for this week, this year? I wish you all will have a wonderful week, that you are all healthy, happy and surrounded by people who love you and feel the same about you as I do!
Until next time................................


Theresa said...

Great post Punkin! You see I am not a "bloghog", I left pictures for you to post... on purpose:) Loved all the pictures and enjoyed our Day with Teresa. One thing she said when we were ready to leave "thanks for allowing me to help raise you" to you, and to me similar about you! Happy memories, I am available to go once a week if you are.

Great job on the "he-bows" (hairbows in our own language)!

Laughed really hard with my biggest baby in that buggy! Isn't it funny what blogging makes you do! I think it makes us all do some crazy, funny and happy stuff! Lovin every minute of it! See you at the ballfield!

Cindy Lou said...

Wonderful blog!!! Great pictures...bout lost my teef on the one with Autumn in the buggy!!! lol!!! Great job on the hairbows!!! Have a great week!! Love you!!

suzanne said...

That was a great, and I enjoyed all the pictures. I'm sure seeing Teresa was bittersweet :0(
I just wonder sometimes why people have to suffer so badly.
I LOVE the candy corn wreath. I'm feeling DIY'ish myself. Some blogs make it look so easy. Kelly and I say when we get started we always think we should have just gone to the store and bought one!! Oh, and Alayna used to be TERRIFIED of those toilets that have automatic flushers. She still doesn't like them much.
And those grocery store buggies, girl, please, Alayna would ride in a stroller today if she wouldn't look ridiculous. She's not much on exercise... HA!
Have a great week and love ya lots!

Katie said...

Tracy ~

Your kids are too cute.

Thank you for praying and lifting my family up. Christ's body is amazing!

Kelly said...

What a great post!!! And I absolutely L-O-V-E what you've done with your background.

You had a week's worth of great pictures. I love the candid ones in the parking lot. Those kind really capture day-to-day life so well. Oh, and the ones in the hobby store. BTW, I must know how you made that wreath. Did you explain it on last week's post?

Love ya!

Tracychele said...

Kelly, I did put this link on last week, but here it is again. I did some things different, though. I used a straw wreath instead of cardboard. I think for a few extra dollars, it looks nicer. I left the straw wreath in the plastic so the straw would not interfere with the ribbon and when I used sheer ribbon (the candy corn wreath), I spraypainted the plastic on the wreath black prior to tying the ribbons! It is fun and super easy! Love you and here is the link to:

Joyce said...

I love your posts!!! Love them! I love the whole background too! And I really love the relationship you have with your mom. That is so special.... I am a bit jealous. Autumn is such a good sport. I'm surprised she hasn't started her own blog of photos! I love your wreath! I am soooo uncrafty! You could stand next to me and walk me through step by step how to make it and it wouldn't come out like yours! Have a great week yourself! Your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing them and your lives! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Kelli said...

All your pictures are soooooo cute!! The wreath you made is awesome! I may try to make one soon! Your talents are many... from bows to wreaths! WOW! Hope you have a great week!