Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Out Of Town?? ...We Will!!

My wonderful Husband of 13 years (as of Monday, September 14, 2009) and fabulous Father of our four beautiful Children has decided to wisk me away for a long weekend! We are going to The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. We have never been there, but I heard it is really nice. He got us the Romance Package with wine and flowers upon arrival, breakfast, afternoon cocktails and much more! Hope we will have a grand time! Thanks to all who are making this trip possible (Ganky, Cindy and families)! I love you all!

Isn't it beautiful?

The Spa. I am getting a "Carolina Mud Wrap" and Derek is getting a massage. I am not crazy about massage and I get a facial alot when we go to spas so I decided to do something totally different! I hope I like it! maybe it will remind me of the mud pies Cindy and I used to make in the yard under the big tree as kids! :)


I have been doing some decorating at the house. For a couple of years after we moved in, I had the "Less is More" mentality when it came to decor. We came from a three bedroom, two bath ranch with no bonus or basement. We had four kids and a dog that was bigger than the two younger ones. We were cramped! Kids were everywhere! Toys were everywhere! I worked in the kitchen where the table had been. It was tight. So when we moved and got more space, I had been overloaded with clutter for so long that I refused to hang things and sit things around. I have to say, I have recently finally come to the point of adding things here and there (baby steps). Counter clutter still bothers me but I am slowly recovering! ;)

Here is Avery looking at herself in a mirror I was about to hang. She just sat down and I ran for the camera, of course! As always (if I did it right) you can click my pics to enlarge.

I liked the idea of the picture so much that I called for Alex to do the same pose!

And Mom was there helping me so why not her too?! Isn't she cute?

I did not get this little trinket at an estate sale!

I have had it my whole life.

How does it look on this piece of furniture?

Bet you wish you had one of these little beauties! ;)

Should I center it? Turn it a bit?

Sometimes decorating can be so hard!

So many decisions to make when you put something new out!

I love to exercise. I don't love it because I like to get all hot and sweaty! I love it because it is good for me! It makes me feel better, eat better and well, I want to live as long as I possibly can! Don't you? I have P90X and like it but I also like to mix it up. I found this trainer on the Comcast On Demand Channel and was doing this workout until they took it off the channel, so I bought it. It is called Less Is More Cardio. Her name is Cindy Whitmarsh and the video lasts only 30 minutes. She works you out for a solid 30 minutes, but it is only 30 minutes. I liked her so much, I found another video with her as the trainer. It is called 10 Days to a Better Body. I love them both and hey, if there is a slight possibility that working out will make me look like her, isn't it worth the work?

I got an aerobic step and wanted to attempt to mix that into my workout as well. I bought Stepping Up Seasun Zieger and holy cow! Can you dance? Are you even the least bit uncoordinated? I thought I was decently coordinated until I did this video. I am a clutz! The video is 50 minutes long (if you do the whole circuit) and I kept rewinding the first five minutes because I could NOT keep up (Don't expect a youtube video any time soon)! Hey, I wore my heart rate monitor and burned alot of calories doing the first five minutes for 30 minutes! I WILL do it until I get it. I never felt like I was working out! It was great! And look at her!

Here is the website if you want to take the plunge!


My friend Michele, who works with me, came back from lunch the other day and locked her keys in her car. She called a locksmith and it was about 85 dollars to come get her in! Patty and I told her to call the Sherriff's Department and see if they will come unlock it for her. Ok, confession time: I know the police will come help you because I locked Austin in the car in our driveway once. I know that sounds really bad-mommy-like, but I had a keypad on my car and never had concerns of locking myself out (or my son in). I was not in my car, though. I was in Derek's truck for that day and he had no keypad, no remote and Onstar was not available at the time. An officer came out and helped me and gave Austin a stuffed animal, trying to help him get over my neglect, I guess! Austin was fine. It was not hot or cold that day and he thought it was kind of funny. Back to Michele....It turned out to be a phone call that saved her alot of money! We still have officers who will help and one came out and unlocked her car! She was so humiliated, and frustrated because her sweet tea getting watered down. Of course, I snuck out and took her picture! Hello! I am a blogger! We take crazy pictures!


This week, we have to put Munson in the Kennell so we can go out of town. BB will just hang out, but not crazy dog! He has to be babysat! I had to get him current on his shots to go to the kennell. As we were there, he posed for a picture! We were there for a long time because a dog came in with his eyeball popped out!


My littlest Angel is growing up too fast!

Have a great weekend! I hope you guys have good weather, wherever you are! I will be on my Anniversary Trip! I think I will take my camera! What do you think?

New youtube videos posted this week. Here is the link to all our videos.


Until next time................................


Pattycakes said...

Love it!! What a great week! Have fun on your trip.

Michele said...

HaHA!! I will remember you keep a camera in your back pocket! We always have Fun!! Thanks for making my embaressement Fun! Have Fun this weekend and leave your camera home!!

Theresa said...

Great post Punkin, I love all the pictures EXCEPT the one of me looking in the mirror. I never like pictures of myself! You going out of town this weekend? Didn't know that, hehe! Thanks Cindylou for helping out. Together we can do most anything! Have fun and be careful!
Love you, MOM

Kelli said...

I am sooooooooooo thrilled for you and your husband!! We have been fortunate to go to the GPI on several occasions and have LOVED it. I know you will too! Never done the spa. Hope to one day. Enjoy!!! Love the pictures of your sweeties and you mom.

Cindy Lou said...

Love those pictures of them looking in the mirror!! I hope you enjoy your weekend!! Glad to help and always enjoy those babies!! A blogger never leaves home without their camera so you must take it!! Have a great week!! Love you!!

Kelly said...

Never been there, but have heard it's THE BEST. Enjoy, and happy belated anniversary!

Joyce said...

Have fun!!! I was wondering why the early post. Guess you'll be too busy for us. Have fun and don't give us another thought. lol

Katie said...

Have a wonderful weekend. What a sweet hubby.

Diva Dee said...

I don't know where to start on my comment, OK here goes, I love the beautiful look of your blog, It is so cool that you have your blogger camera on you at all times, you are sooooo blessed to be going to a spa with your hubby and what a wonderfully darling dog you have! I adore dogs, we have two, plus a bulldog grandpup!
Your also an inspiration to keep up my exercise, thanks!

Donna Lynn said...

What a great post! It was the first time visiting your blog, loved it, have a great time at the spa...jealous!!!!

Donna Lynn

REGINA said...


suzanne said...

Wow! What a beautiful place you are going to! Hope y'all have a great time. Long weekends away are the best.
BTW, that Alex can sure hula-hoop! It was always my absolute favorite thing. I think you have a future champion in the making.
Can't wait to see your anniversary pictures.
Love ya bunches :0)