Thursday, November 12, 2009

Date Night Details and The Birthday Bash!

This has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but I could NOT resist! Avery came to me and said this would be her Halloween Costume instead of the Ladybug Princess! Ohh My! Luckily she forgot about this one when it was time to get ready. I still think she was cute! Don't you?
On to the Date Night! My Handsome Husband took me to the Fabulous Fox Theater to see The Zac Brown Band! It was so much fun. The whole concert was a benefit to raise money to re-build The Georgia Theater in Athens, Ga. The theater was built in 1889 and was almost completely destroyed this past year by a fire! I hope you will go look at these pics and come back.
The concert lasted four hours and all the proceeds went to the Re-build Project! Don't you love to see artists giving back? Along with Zac Brown, there were many other artists who came and played to show their support and give us a great show! Here are just a few (you may know them): Kid Rock, Little Big Town, Nic Cowan (we loved him), Sonia Lee (she was great too) and Joey and Rory. They were all great and it was a wonderful evening!

Last week was Autumn's 14th Birthday. She chose Frontera Mexican for her Birthday Dinner. We has so much fun, especially watching her embarassment! :)

Then Robert decided to sing to her in English!! (further embarassment!)

Autumn and her Friend, Rylee

Autumn and Britani
Avery and her Aunt Cindy

Autumn and Bradley

My crew

Then there was the Birthday Bonfire at our house! We had a great time, even with almost 30 teenagers! Everyone got along. It was a great group of kids. Please find Bradley in the picture with the red shirt on! He has done this face in pictures since he was a small tot!!!

The Birthday Girl!!

Thanks to all who helped with the party!
I made a boo boo! I hung this a while back in the Laundry Room to hold uniform belts, book bags, etc. and it fell! It was too heavy so I finally decided to re-hang it. I asked my Football watching Husband how the anchors worked and he explained it to me. Off I went to drill into the walls and I put the screws in the anchors and.......... Uh Oh! The anchors opened before they went into the wall! I had these really ugly holes that needed some TLC, so they got Nemo and Dory! Turns out the anchors go in and then the screws. Hubby should have paused football!

Here are some ballfield pics. The girls wanted me to take these!

Do you ever get your shirt stuck and wish you could get Mommy to assist? Nice to still be little, huh?

Have a wonderful week!
........................Until Next Time!!!


Theresa said...

Avery looked cute in that rubber hair and the other get-up but she would have been a bit chilly on Halloween:) I am glad date night went well and we enjoyed the chillins! I love the Fox! Autumn's birthday party was a huge success and so was the dinner at Frontera. Loads of fun! Love all my babies and heck I get my own shirt stuck sometimes:0)

Joyce said...

I laughed when I saw Avery. I have some pictures like that of Karla. Precious memories... she'll love later! Love your blog... thanks for your comments too! They lift me up! xoxo

Patty said...

What a busy week! Glad you guys enjoyed the Zac Brown Band. I am sure it was an awesome show. And it looked like Autumn had a great birthday party. What a blast for her and her friends. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Autumn enjoyed herself!! Fun Memories!! At least you got the rack on the wall instead of waiting for football, basketball, baseball... to end! Have a fun weekend!

Katie said...

You always say just the right thing. Thank you! I'm so glad you and your hubs had a date night. Jason and I are having one tonight. ; )

Anonymous said...

A lot of fun pictures and all because you're making some great memories! Love that! The concert sounds like it was fun and I'm a HUGE fan of mexican food so I would've enjoyed the birthday bash too. :-)

pk @ Room Remix

billypandnikkysmom said...

Great pictures, Ijust love to see pics of those two little ones...they are so silly! Glad you got to have a great "date night" ~ I agree with hitting the pause button before you start a project, LOL! Have a great night!

Kelli said...

Where to begin...Avery made me laugh so hard. I'm glad you had fun on your date night. You two know how to have fun!!! I'd choose Mexican for my birthday too Autumn!! You're brave to have 30 teenagers over!! I have shelves in my laundry room that crashed last year because I had so much junk hanging on them. At least you tried!! Have a great weekend!!!

Cindy Lou said...

Great pictures and wonderful memories!!! I am glad you enjoyed your date! Autumn's party was great and dinner was wonderful at the mexican resturant!! Have a great week!!

Cindy said...

What a busy week for you! Great birthday pictures....your daughter is lovely and looks like her pretty mama :o)
I"m so stealing the dory sticker for all the holes in my wall where I didn't even attempt anchors. *sigh*
You have such a beautiful family :O)