Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing With Food and The Finished Project

Hello All!! We had three parties at my house in one week and two days! I am Exhausted!! We had Autumn's Party, Cindy's Party and Sunday we had Austin's Baseball Team Party!!! The Coach's Wife, Brooke, made a pasta salad that was really good and it had Black Olives in it. What Brooke did not know is that my littlest Angel, Avery, LOVES black olives! I mean she loves them. I can order a pizza for me and her with cheese and extra black olives and she will want to pick more off of my pieces! She decided the most effective way to eat her black olives was to wear them and eat them one after the other off her fingers. I guess you can play with your food if you are still eating, huh?

Here is the team. Austin is in the front with the tye die shirt. The boys played football for hours, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was a great end to the season.


Here is the project we have been working on. At first, there were the steps with nothing at the top. For a very long time, I called it "The Stairway to Nowhere". We finally got the Gazebo and I love it. The kids love to go up and lay in the hammocks. Here is the Gazebo during our "big snow" last year (which was not much, but more than usual). Look at the big snowflakes. It was a really pretty snow day! Click on these to enlarge (if I did it right).

And here is the Gazebo with the new Fire Pit area my Hubby designed all by himself! I was a bit nervous since I had NOTHING to do with it. I believe he just wanted to do this one on his own. I told him it better be good since he left me out. ;) He really outdid himself. I love it. We have already had so many good times sitting out there and it is not even that cold yet. I am already needing a break from roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, though.

The view from the back of the Gazebo. I love the "Flintstone" couch he had built. We do call each other Fred and Wilma so the "Flintstone" couch is totally appropriate!

The fire pit. I ordered these chairs unfinished online and love them. We stained them to match the gazebo and the fence. He even had me a planter box built!

Wilma's view from the couch! ;)

Most of you know I LOVE sleeping babies, big and small! Here is my oldest and youngest. They, too, were exhausted from all the parties. Aren't they the sweetest?

Ok Gang, please pray for me! I am leaving Wednesday morning (hence the early post) to Chaperone my 14 year old's class to Savannah Georgia! I am very excited because I love Savannah and they have a lot of really fun activities planned. You know I will have my camera ;) I am also excited that my 14 year old Daughter still wants me to go to things like this. I know that won't last forever so I will seize the moment!
Have a great week!
................until next time!!


Michele said...

We really enjoyed the new fire pit at Cindy's B-Day!! It is very nice! Have fun with Autumn in Savanah :) Hopefully both the prowler teams will be playing this weekend! C U then!!

Anonymous said...

Love the olive photo! :-) WOW!!!! I am loving your outdoor space. The gazebo, the firepit, everything GORGEOUS!

pk @ Room Remix

Theresa said...

What? I was so surprised to see a new post:) Love all the pictures, my "Gor" with the olives is precious! I also adore the picture with the snowflakes. I have enjoyed your firepit a couple of times already. Perhaps next time we'll just sit by the fire and NOT eat. Eating is something I have done too much of lately. Enjoy your Savannah trip, try to get a little rest and we'll all be glad to see you when you return! Love you, Gank

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I love black olives. My daughter used to but not anymore.. :(

Your backyard looks amazing! Can I go there and roast some marshmellows? ;)

Good luck in chaperoning. I hope my daughter will still want me around even with her friends there. Have fun and take a lot of photos!

Anonymous said...

I love those sweet lil fingers with olives!!! And your project is AWESOME! What a gorgeous area!

Kelli said...

That fire pit is a work of art. I LOVE it! (Secretly I'm a little jealous...LOL!) I know you'll make many memories there. Hope you have a safe and fun trip! Can't wait to see pictures.

Katie said...

You did have a busy weekend!

I love what you said about developing the "angel picture" and hanging in in Zach's room. What a wonderful idea. Thank you!

Be safe on your trip. ; )

Cindy Lou said...

Great Pictures and really enjoyed the fire pit and sitting area!! You have the perfect party pad!!I love the picture of the sleeping babies. Avery with the olives is so cute! Have fun on your trip...I love you!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Great pics & a great blog.....Love, love, love the olive picture...I think I have a picture somewhere of Billy with olives on his fingers too, i'll have to look for that! Great outdoor living space, so pretty hubby gets a BIG THUMBS UP!!! Have fun in Savanah! Lots of pics!

The DIY Show Off said...

lol - I love to do that with olives too and I'm grown up.

The firepit and gazebo are awesome. What a gorgeous area to entertain! Love it!

Have a great rest of the week! I wanted to thank you for your votes too! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your gazebo it is Bee-u-tiful and so is your olive Photo.Im so happy to Meet you!

Bee Happy!

kermiefrg said...

LOL at the black olives! I used to do the SAME thing as a kid. Would it be weird if I still did it now?

Your backyard firepit is amazing!