Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Savannah Trip With Teenagers and a Surprise!

Well, folks, I made it through the trip to Savannah! It was so much fun. I was actually surprised at how well behaved 240+ teenagers could be! They were great! The company that organized the trip did an excellent job of scheduling everything! We had five motor coaches (as our little old tour guide called them). We were so busy, with hardly any down time at all. There is so much to see and do in Savannah. It truly is a wonderful place to visit. There is so much History there.
The first place we went was The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Is this a great picture, or what? I just love it.

Here are some of the pics from that stop. This was truly the most beautiful church I have ever seen! They still have one Confessional. There were three before. I would like to think it is because there is less sin to confess, but I am just not sure that is the case!

I thought my little girls would love this picture!

I loved this picture. I wonder if Mr. Parrish can re-create this look in our driveway!!! Wishful thinking!

Here is one of the cemetaries in town. We went here on a Ghost Tour, where we rode in an open Trolley and heard stories from the past. They say Savannah is the most haunted City in America!

I love the Spanish Moss, but hear it is actually full of bugs and a true nuisance!

Look how the headstones were placed in the wall!

We also went on a Dolphin Cruise tour.

I honestly did not get my hopes up. They said sometimes you do not see any at all! We were shocked to see our little friends!!!

They were very playful! .............. or mad at each other!

Pretty cool, huh?? I took alot of pics to get those really good ones! I was so excited!
We went to Fort Pulaski. It was alot of fun. They were actually filming a movie at the fort so that was also exciting.

The movie being filmed is called the Conspirator and it is about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Ok, here comes the surprise part.
Guess who the Director of the movie is?
Do you know?
Well, he was there!!
And........... I got pics!!
Enlarge to see closer!
Pretty neat, huh??

Here he is telling that guy to take the camera out of my hand, I'm sure!! I took lots of pics.
Next stop, Tybee Island beach study. I love lighthouses and I thought this picture turned out good.

While we were there, one of the Teachers came and told me that this sweet girl had never been to the Beach until this trip. That is something I do not even think about. We have ALWAYS gone to the beach, but there are kids that have never seen the Ocean or Sand or Seashells! I took her picture. I will be printing out and sharing with her. She is such a nice kid. I held the door for about fifty kids and she was the only one who thanked me... THE ONLY ONE! You notice that.

Here she is with Coach K.

Here are Toni and Autumn on the beach. These two have been friends since they were two years old.
I took this one for my Mom. She always likes to see feet in the picture! :)

Next stop, Mighty Eighth Air Force Base. If you have young boys, they will probably like these pictures.

We were showed a series of movies that were very moving! I loved this wall. Look at all the crosses.

Here is Autumn with Coach McClain. She loves Coach K and Coach McClain so much! I do too! They are the greatest.

Our final stop was shopping on River Street! Here are the steps that Mom and I always take Autumn and Austin's picture on. We got a group of girls together and the picture turned out great. I printed this pic out poster size for Autumn and we framed it last night. It looks great.
Of course, my kid was the one to get a big glob of Caramel Apple of her shoe!

I thought the kids would love this Ferry Boat. I do!

Finally, here is the Waving Girl Statue. The story is that this little girl came out every day and waved at ships as they passed. I loved the statue and wish I had a pic from the front. We were boarding the bus to go home and I had a sick kid to take care of (not mine, but one of mine on the trip that I was responsible for).

Hope you enjoyed my pics. I tried to narrow it down, but still had alot!
NOTE: One of the bloggers I follow has a little girl named Hannah. She is 10 years old and has started her own blog. I hope you will visit her and leave a comment. She is doing a GREAT job. I am so impressed with her to be so young. You will be too! Click HERE to go to her blog! Come back and let me know if you do!!!
I hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I will. My Marine Cousin, Justin, will be home for Thanksgiving, which means his family will be here too, instead of visiting him!
...............................Until Next Time!


pattycakes said...

What an awesome trip!! I wanna go! Savannah looks beautiful. So glad you and Autumn had a wonderful time together. Have a delicious Thanksgiving. I can't wait.

Theresa said...

Wow, I really enjoyed all the pics. It was just as if I was there taking the pictures myself! Loved the lighthouse picture and the ones of my baby girl and her friends. I laughed soooo hard at the one of the feet that you took just for me:) You know what I like, don't you! The Church pictures are worthy of framing or cards or something. BEAUTIFUL! Love you and now aren't you glad you started blogging:) I know I am!

Joyce said...

loved the pictures! and the tour! i would love to visit down there someday! i love american history! I checked out her blog and left a comment too! ;D

billypandnikkysmom said...

What beautiful pictures!I am so glad you all had a great time, the pictures of the Church are just wonderful! I love the picture of your children that are at the end of the blog probably part of your template...Avery reminds me of Cindy :) such big bright smiles!!!! WElcome back & get some rest :)

Anonymous said...

You are just to nice you are so the best and the sweetest. nice pics from your trip they were Bee-u-tiful.

P.S. Have a nice thanksgiving oh and Bee Happy!!!!!

Kelli said...

By seeing the photos, it appears that your trip was absolutely fabulous!! It seemed as if the weather was perfect. There was a chance to experience lots of different things! Dolphins, beautiful churches, movies and the beach. What more could you ask for? I did visit sweet Hannah's blog. How awesome!! Enjoy time with your family over Thanksgiving. Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Parrish,
Great pictures!!! I am so glad Coach McClain shared the link with me!! We did not believe you guys really saw Robert...I guess now we have to admit you did!!
We appreciate so much that you joined us on the trip...we know it was a bit of a sacrafice for you! DMS has great parents!!
Whitney Logsdon
8 Alpha

Anonymous said...

A lot of great pics and it sounds like you had a great time. I've always thought Savannah would be a great place to visit, but I still haven't made it there! Went to visit Hannah's blog and you were right, it's adorable. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

pk @ Room Remix