Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do YOU have a lap dog?

...I don't. But I have a dog who THINKS he is a lap dog! It is actually really funny and he does this all the time. Please understand these pics were taken with my Camera on my Blackberry, hastily, because he moves when he sees me coming.
Munson sitting in Avery's lap.
He sits on BB all the time. I don't know what he is thinking.

...Or what she could possibly be thinking, but it does not seem to bother her.

He really loves her and I guess she loves him too!

Have a great week!


Theresa said...

TOO funny and sweet:) Love those Granddoggies of mine! Thanks for the giggle! Love you, MOM

Summer said...

Tracy you just made my day LOL....Love your one an american bulldog and one a english bulldog? I love them so much! I have to say you have quite a precious little girl and that first picture is precious and hilarious all at the same time hahahha

The pics on him sitting on the othe pooch made me laugh so much! I showed the hubs....I said see this is what I want a kinda lap dog....LOL.....he said we will see....I am stoked I am pretty sure once I get into medical Remission we are getting one....LOL

Soooo thanks so much for all your support and nice words to are so right I need to hear more good news helps make the sickies from the chemo seem more worth it and I have a big boost of kicking this DM in the tooshie....


billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh Tracy, so cute! He just wants some lovin'! Poor BB, she's a good old gal!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh that is too funny!! I loved those pictures!! Enjoyed the laughter!! Love you bunches!!

REGINA said...

That's too funny !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha...that totally made my day! So cute!

Wanda said...

Tracy, I just laughed my head off. You've got to wonder what they are thinking. (Or maybe they're not!)

We had 2 Lazas and one used to sit on the other all the time. Thanks for the memory and the good belly laugh.

And thanks for popping by. It's so nice to see you up and at it again. I'll be back. Hope you're doing really well!

Joyce said...

Dylan, Maddie and I loved those pictures and lol! So cute! What is he thinking? Enjoy your week, Tracy! xoxo

Katie said...

This is hilarious!

...with ♥, SB said...

HAHAH.. this post just made my day! thanks for sharing.

Judi said...

Hi there
THAT is so funny....truly I am sitting here with one big smile. I guess he has always loved to sit on laps and the poor little puppy has just grown so big now. Thats soooo cute. I know how pets are when they see a camera coming...*s* Abby the Kitty looks away....*g*.