Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day at The Parrish House!!

This turned out to be a big one! We are trapped at home! See how steep my drive is? No way out! We are just staying warm and catching up on some down time. Don't get much of that here!
Here are my four the day before it snowed. I let the two big ones go to friends' houses, knowing they would get snowed in there. I am not sure when they will be home now!
So...there were just two to take pics of in the snow. They had a blast. We were unable to make a SnowGor (as Avery says) because the snow was covered in a sheet of ice. It would not roll.

It also made the Snow Angels have to work harder :)

Alex had a "Wardrobe Malfunction".

Then came the sledding!

I love the excitement on Avery's face here. She was running and I got her in the air! Too cute.
We tried to slide on everything we could find. Alex was really laughing at me trying to ride down the hill on the teeter totter!

The snowballs hurt because of the ice, so Alex had a shield. We had to create a twist on snowball fights!

Such a fun time...just hanging together!

What is a day in the snow without hot cocoa with mini "smarshmallows"?

Hope you all have a great week! Stay warm....wherever you are! :)


Theresa said...

Great pictures! I love happy faces having fun in the snow! Enjoy your "snowed in" time with the part of the family you have:) Hope the others are having fun, I am sure they are! Thanks for posting pics:) We are stuck too and I am ready to get out of the house! Love you, MOM

Cindy Lou said...

I love all the picture and such happiness on those babies faces!! They probably enjoyed having you and Derek to themselves!! I know the big kids are having fun with their friends!!

Enjoy your time!! I am loving it!!
Love you bunches!!

Summer said...

Your kiddos are so presh! You have the cutest family :) Love the sleigh riding pics and um yummy hot cocoa afterwards just maybe my fav part LOL.....glad ya'll had so much fun in the snow!

Thanks for telling me abot Bulldogs I chuckled when I was reading it because the hubs said did anyone mention anything about them chewing up anything, I said um maybe maybe not LOL.....

I do believe he will get us one as my pressie when I get into medical remission!!


suzanne said...

Hey, Tracy, those were the sweetest pictures! We also tried to build a snowman, but we couldn't get it to work either, and Alayna was sad...
I've really enjoyed it, but Jason's trying to get to work today, so I'm no longer enjoying it. Just worried.
Lots of love and hope your big two are having fun at their friends' houses, I'm sure they are!

Kelly said...

I haven't seen a single snow gor or boy for that matter. Continue to enjoy your downtime. It might last another day or so.

Kelli said...

Looks kinda like our day around here!! Going stir crazy but loving the together time!!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

GREAT PICTURES! LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of your littlest munchkin airborne! They are so cute, I hope that Autumn & Austin make it home soon. Stay warm!

Katie said...

Sledding and hot cocoa...what could be better!? Beautiful home, too.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

You're so lucky to have such a great backyard that you can slide down a hill! Love the photos!

Happy New Year friend!