Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dog Ate The Pumpkin, But Not My Other Projects!!

Look at this sweet little puppy! I know you are thinking "How can that little dog possibly do damage to a pumpkin?".

Well... here is the pumpkin he destroyed!

...and here is the sweet little puppy one year older than the first picture and fully capable of eating not only my new 6.99 pumpkin, but also porch handrails, rocking chairs, patio chair seats, brooms, grill tools, shipping boxes, flower pots, shoes and anything else he can get his sticky paws on! He is a bad puppy sometimes and I can not catch him doing these things to give him a "lecture".

Bad Munson!! He was obviously doing something wrong here by the look on his face! That is his guilty look!

Munson with my sweet Husband!

On to my projects I have been doing. Here are some of the wreaths I made thanks to directions from Roeshel at I have made a few and I love picking out the ribbon. The project itself is really easy and pretty. Here are some I have made so far. I am working on a candy cane wreath for Christmas!

My Fall wreath on the door that the DOG CANNOT REACH!!

I cannot wait to hang my candy corn wreath on the door! I love this one!

The supplies for this project are minimal!

This next picture is pretty embarassing to show. My white, or not so, rocking chairs from Cracker Barrell had gotten so gross from weather. We had a party recently and I moved them where no one could see them. They are so ugly! I wanted to use them since they are rocking chairs and I love rocking chairs on the porch. I decided to go and get spray paint and get busy. I was busy!!! I had to clean the muck off first, sand and paint. It took a long time and I got a blister on my finger.

Before (you would not even sit here with black pants on!)

After....Ahhhh. I will definitely sit here!

I only painted one and have three more. The little girls said they want their little rocking chairs brown, too!

I have also, thanks to bloggers, been sprucing up other areas of my house. Here is my front foyer table. I may not be finished yet, but am trying to add a touch of fall.

My outdated and boring bathtub.....

...and After. Subtle changes, but I like it better!! Enlarge all my pics to see better!

Of course, I could not do all projects just for me! Avery and I had to paint some pictures!

Her finished project!

While we were painting, Alex and Austin were making Martians with the kit Anna and the Family sent for her Birthday. This was the neatest kit. They had a blast.

Here is the Martian Alex made all by herself.. well, almost.
She wanted a closeup.

My friend, Liz, and I took my four kids and her two kids to a Fair that was in town. My little girls LOVE fair rides!

They were screaming so loudly! I think that is why the kid in front of them was turning around.

This is what sheer delight looks like!

And they have ridden this type of ride many times. It goes in circle, but slings around at
two sides of the track.

Here are Josh, Liz's Son, Avery and Austin on a ride.

And Alex and Josh on the ride.

There was a fun house they really enjoyed. This was the mirror maze.

As soon as I snapped this picture, Avery ran right into this glass!!

Avery had her first Dentist Appointment for a cleaning this week. I was worried about it because my other three always stressed about going to the dentist. Not Avery. She was perfect! She never cried. She smiled at me every chance she got. She even had x-rays without gagging! I have always had that bad gag reflex at x-ray time and the other three got that from me! I was so proud of her!

Ok, I want to be back at Grove Park Inn so bad. I loved that place. We ate such a yummy breakfast every morning. Last Saturday, I made my version of "Continental Breakfast". The kids attacked it! Wouldn't you?
I have made heart-shaped muffins since Derek and I met. I used to always make them for him. Well, check out my new butterfly shaped muffins! Aren't they the cutest?? New tradition: Make hearts for Derek and butterflies for kids! Crescent rolls are Austin's favorite!

Most of you know my sweet Aunt, Barbara, was flooded out of her house recently. She is still not back to normal and has really gone through alot. Since I cannot physically be there due to work and four kids, I decided to feed them. Here is my spread: Meatballs with gravy, Green bean casserole, Squash casserole and Banana nut bread. They loved it all and ate it for days. I was glad to be able to make her smile!

Sometimes when I cook something, I decide it is share-worthy! This is one of the tastiest and easiest meals I cook that everyone loves! If you like chicken wings, I have found a way to have them less messy and way healthier!
Wash fresh chicken breasts, dredge them in your favorite buffalo sauce, then dredge in bread crumbs and bake!

Fake Fried Buffalo Chicken! So yummy and not messy at all!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by! I am really enjoying this!
.............till next week!!


Kelly said...

I can't believe your dog ate your pumpkin. Probably because it was orange. You know bulldogs hate orange.

Now that chicken recipe is one I'm definitely going to try. Sounds good.

See ya tomorrow morning!

The DIY Show Off said...

You've been busy! Sorry to hear about your poor pumpkin! Maybe Munson wanted to surprise you with a pumpkin pie? lol

YOUR RIBBON WREATHS TURNED OUT SOOOO PRETTY! I love them! Wasn't it so easy? You did a fantastic job!

TGIF! Have a great weekend! :)


Michele O said...

Where do you find the time?! You do stay busy but, well worth it. Love the rocking chair! Looks like new. Have a great weekend!!

Fifi Flowers said...

CUTE puppy... they sure do a lot of damage!

Cindy Lou said...

oh you are soooo talented!! I love all your projects!!! I just could not believe that Munson ate the pumpkin!! So funny!! I hope you have a great week!! Love you!!

Theresa said...

Well, here I am am Yo Momma! Just came squealing in from a hard day at Nanny's house. I love all your projects, especially the rocking chair. Quite an improvement. I hate that I missed the fair. It is such a joy to see how much they all love riding the rides. Your brunch looks delicious and the dinner your made Nanny WAS great because I sampled it:) Love you and perhaps we should nickname Munson, Pumpkin!

Joyce said...

Ok.... maybe I should branch out and try to make the wreaths. Could you email me the directions... step by step when you get time?
I look forward to your weekly blogs! They really bless me! xoxo

Kelli said...

I didn't know pumpkins were puppy food. Maybe puppy was confused! Your wreath projects are adorable. Can you help me? Also, love the picture of Avery at the dentist. I still grip the arms of the chair with a death grip! Oh, the rocking chairs are DELICIOUS!!!! I LOVE them!! Hope you have a great weekend with your family. BTW, I'm begging hubby for #4. Keep praying!!

Barbo said...

I have to tell everyone tracychele s food was the best. Poppy wanted to know how to get another dinner and folks that know him know thats the greatest compliment for him we love you girl and thanks again said...

Bad doggy!! I know how that goes. But we love the dogs anyway. Your rocking chair looks great. Busy lady!! The buffalo chicken recipe looks yummy. I will try it out.

The DIY Show Off said...

Hi! I'm so glad you linked up to the Fall Festival with your pretty ribbon wreaths! ;)
Have a great week!


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Love the "guilty" photo of the dog. Priceless. Your wreaths are fabulous & yes, the rocker does look a ton better.

cindy@cottageinstincts said...

Woooo you've been busy girl! Great wreath project, hadn't seen that before. I'm crushing on your big tub, wish I had one to gussy up for fall-ish-ness :o) And I have one more porch rocker I need to paint too. *sigh*
Enjoyed your post!