Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Projects and Notable Happenings!

Hello Friends! I found a new idea in a magazine this week and decided to try it. The magazine said this method is an old one used by Florists to keep flowers in place. Looked like something I could customize with colors for my house.

First I found a square canister and put river pebbles in it.

Then, I used brown ribbon across one side and glued.

The I wove ribbon going the other way so I had a grid pattern.

Then I decided to cover up the ends of the ribbon with a larger ribbon (they left the ends showing in the magazine).

...then a big bow!

And finally some deep red daisies that match my decor! I love it. It is a nice rich arrangement for fall! Enlarge to see! Hope you like it! The great thing is that the flowers stay exactly where I put them!

I liked the idea so much, I did it with this bud vase... hold my still blooming Gardenias! I love them!

Well, this is a bit emotional to think about. My baby, Avery, who is now 3 and a half, was still in her crib. She had no desire to come out and I guess I was still hanging on as long as she would let me! She started climbing in, not out, but I was still afraid she would fall, so...

Wanna take the front rail off, baby?

Ohh yes, Mommy!

I have never seen her so pleased with something! She had a huge moment stepping from little girl to big girl! I had no idea how much that moment would mean to her...and me!

She kept climbing in and out, just because she could. She said " Look Mommy! I can get in my bed and out of my bed!!".

"I am a big gor now!". (She does not say girl, but gor!)

Alex was excited for her Stister (another one of their words)!

Some of you know this, but Autumn's Fastpitch Middle School Softball Team played in the Two-County Tournament and they won first place! My baby pitched all three games, a total of 22 innings! She was so tired and just kept pushing, knowing she could not let the team down. She is the pitcher! Middle school does not typically have an abundance of pitchers!

They were so excited!

Coach Kammerer, Autumn and Coach McClain

Water usually flies at some point! Momma had her camera!

Autumn is number 11!
She went after Coach McClain, but did not get very far!

Poor, unsuspecting Coach McClain.....

PAYBACK! Go Autumn!
Way to Go Eagles! I am so proud of them! I wanted her to leave the school with that Championship and she did!
You all know Alex turned five this week and here are some pics from her actual birthday, which was Monday.


Praying (is that precious or what?)

Avery was having snack with her class, so we got to see her too!

Avery was line-leader.

Alex and Mom, AKA Ganky!

Alex and Aunt Cindy, AKA Marine Mom!

And of course Alex was line-leader on her Special Day!

We stayed for playtime!

Alex and her Teacher, Ms. Pauline! We love this woman. She has had three Parrish Children now!

And Avery with her Teacher, Ms. Vicki. We love her, too!!

Of Course, what would a five year old do if she did not get to speak to her fabulous, wonderful, loving Cousin, Justin, the Marine! He is far away, but would not miss that phone call for anything!

We were surprised when Alex picked Longhorn to go for her birthday dinner! There was no coaxing involved, but we were happy with the choice!
She was very focused on her work!
And putting on such a show with orange peels that she did not even know the clapping people were coming right for her!!!
It was so funny when she realized they were singing to her, she spit the orange peel out in her hand and put her sweet little eyeballs on that bowl of dessert!!

The Sweetest moment to me is seeing a happy child!

The twins, Britani and Bradley with Autumn!
We stuffed ourselves and headed home! Happy Birthday Alex!

We spent some time on the porch this week since the weather is so nice now.
Wanna see what unconditional love looks like?
The view from my chair... Isn't it lovely? ;)

In closing, we all know bloggers always have their cameras. You never know when you will get that perfect shot....

Even if it was in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru and you have to crop out the sign to get the perfect flowers!

I hope you are enjoying this weather and decorating for Fall! I am! Have a wonderful week!
................Until next time.


Theresa said...

Great post punkin! I love the flower arrangement, I have seen that before but never tried it. Looks perfect... you are all "growed up"! making your own flower arrangements and stuff:) Love all the pictures, of course I was there! My babies are so precious and I love them slap to pieces:) Blogging does make you keep your camera in your pocket and I think it is a good thing. It keeps you from missing special times or just a pretty flower at Chicken-lake:) Love you mucho!

Kelly said...

Learn something new every day! All your girls had a big week, didn't they? Love Avery's story.

Anna said...

Aren't they sooooo precious? Don't you love when something means so much to them? Suddenly something really little (or not so little) becomes unforgettable! :) Love the flowers! I have gotten roses that have that done with tape (and cursed it when I was trying to save & clean the vase) but never thought to do it myself! And congrats to Autumn and the team! BTW, love the porch decor, including Alex! Love you all!

Joyce said...

I always have my camera too, much to the kids chagrin. I always pull it out but it is important to get memories! That's the only way I remember some things happened! ;D Good job fellow bloggette!

Katie said...

Those flowers are beautiful. Great job!

The DIY Show Off said...

Great job with your arrangements! Beautiful! Thanks for joining in on the fun at the Fall Festival!

I enjoyed the recap of your week too! Looks like a fun one! :)


Anonymous said...

Such a cute story about Avery! Sweet! I like the idea of the ribbon with the flower arrangements too. Have a great week!
pk @ room remix

Sheri said...

Love the flower arrangements/vases. Look wonderful! Look at the big "gor" How sweet!!!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

the flower arrangements look great! I bet I could do that (I'm HORRIBLE with flower arranging). We just moved my 20 month old into a "big boy" bed b/c he could climb in/out of the crib. Everytime someone comes to our house he grabs their hand, takes them to his room and shows them his "nite nite". It makes my heart smile to see him so happy about his new bed!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That vase idea is so awesome. It looks great and it keeps all the flowers where they belong! SO smart. Even I could make a flower arrangement with that! I am going to feature this on Grab my "featured" button.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I have to try that flower arrangemnt. Looks too good not to try it. ;)

Thanks for sharing your decorations with us.

cindy@cottage instincts said...

I need to try that grid-thingy. Flower arrangements are sooo not my forte. Yours look simply scrumptious!
Great pics and stories about your family...your kids are gorgeous!
(ps. I'm having a giveaway, feel free to stop by!)

Its So Very Cheri said...

OH I like your vases so much. The florist always uses that impossible tape to get off. Ribbon is so much better and so much prettier.

And Happy Birthday to your daughter
(they always love it when they get shout outs.)

Its So Very Cheri said...

You've been featured at Its So Very Cheri. Go grab your button.


Jennifer said...

Those were such precious pictures! It looks like everyone had a really good time wherever they were!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I love the idea with the flowers~I'll have to remember that one!

Michele Overstreet said...

Love watching your kids grow! Now that mine are older... So glad you are taking time to soak it all in!! Love your flower arrangements! So talented!! Way to go Autumn so proud of her! Till next time. :) Michele