Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Umbrella Was Stolen...And Then Eaten!!

I guess that title got your attention. Were you thinking after the previous blog that it may have something to do with my mischievous pup, Munson? Well, I went to Ingle's one day after work in the pouring rain because I was cooking for my sweet Aunt Barbara, who is still dealing with the flood! When I got to Ingle's, my little trusting self left my umbrella at the door. As I was leaving, I turned around after loading my arms up with groceries, and the umbrella I JUST saw was no longer there (neither was the man that was JUST there!)! I quickly went over to scan the parking lot and whatdoyaknow??!! That fool stole my umbrella! I yelled at him (it was pouring) and he finally acknowledged me and said "I'm coming back!". I honestly do not think he was going to get back in the rain to return my umbrella, do you? Anyway, I was standing there, with way more bags on my arm than I should have had, waiting on that goofball to return my umbrella and he drove up and held it out the window! I had to go in the rain to get my own umbrella back that I brought to keep the rain off of me!! I wanted to yell at him and tell him to bring it back to me since he is the one who took it in the first place, but I felt he would have just left! Some people have nerve! I left fuming and was home all nice and dry until time to go get Austin from the bus stop. When I went outside, this is what I saw!!!

And then this is WHO I saw! Bad Munson! He would not even look at me!

WHEN are they no longer crazy puppies?! BB was never this bad, so I don't know what to expect!
This little sweetie always makes me smile, despite my umbrella fiasco! Standing on the vent laughing!!!

This past weekend was my cousin, Justin's Birthday! He is a Marine and was home on a short leave to celebrate! He had also just had his wisdom teeth removed, so he needed to recover!

As we were having breakfast at the house, look who I busted and look what I busted her doing!!!

I wanted a picture of Justin with his sweet Sister and Brother and of course, he had to be so silly!

And here they are! All of them together! It is a wonderful sight!

Later on, they all came back over for my strawberry cupcakes! If I don't make them, they will wonder what is wrong!

The girls attacked Britani

and flipped with Justin and Jeff.

No Chicken fights in the house!

And then it was song and candle time! Of course he let Alex help!

My four with Cindy's three! That is a great group of cousins!


Alex needed a haircut this week. Of course, I can not believe I remembered the before pic! So glad I did!



She LOVES her haircut!
I love the tippy toe pics! You are almost there, Avery! She was grunting!

Avery wanted to show me her nails I painted! Love the Hello Kitty panties sticking out!!

And Alex wanted to show me her nails too!!


Well, it is starting to get cold, so this may be some of the last flowers I get from my yard this year! They are pretty for a few days, though.


When we built the house, the dumpster company got stuck in the mud and pushed their truck off of the big tree you see on the right. This tree showed us the way to the site where we planned to build the house when it was nothing but thick woods. I guess it was kind of sentimental. We believed the damage the dumpster company did would kill it and the time had come to make the decision. The tree was dropping huge branches and we were getting scared it would fall on the house, so.....

Down it went!!! We watched the whole process. It was fascinating how they got that whole tree down without damaging anything. They really do not yell "TIMBER!". Did you know that? :)
And the tree was gone!

See Munson? He is never far away looking for something to chew!

Munson on porch before the tree was removed...

..and Munson on the porch after the tree was removed. I told you he is never far away!

I know I am showing alot of before and afters, but the difference really is amazing!



The whole tree deal reminds me of a conversation with Alex this week. We were riding in the car and she was quizzing me on math problems. She was saying things like "What is one plus one?". I answered several math questions and when she got to "What is tree plus tree?" I assumed she meant three plus three, so I said "Six". She said "No, two trees!". Cute!!


Autumn makes fun of "Snuggies" on tv when she sees the commercial, so I bought some! She was showing off our new Snuggie here, being her usual silly self.

And here, she was imitating the commercial! Have you seen it? They should have her on one of their commercials!


By the way... look who Autumn got to meet last weekend!!!

Luke Bryan! Isn't that cool?! She loves his music!

Have a great week!!!

.................Until next time!!


Cindy Lou said...

I really enjoy your weekly blog...even though I am there a good bit I still get to see things that happen when I am not there! I laughed so hard about the unbrella...soooooo funny!!! You gotta love that Munson!! Have a great week!! Love you lots!!!

Kelli said...

I am amazed that that guy would take umm...steal your umbrella! Crazy. Glad you were able to spend time with Justin. Your kiddos are precious. All of them. Did you survive with your hubby for the week? Hope ya'll had a happy reunion! Enjoy your weekend. (Yes, little man was sporting a fresh haircut!)

Theresa said...

Well, like your Mama said... NEVER leave your umbrella at the door. I even have my name on mine:) Of course, we know how much I love my umbrella. Love all the pictures and the tree take-down was very interesting! Love you and see you at day-break:( arrrggghhhh!

Joyce said...

Great pictures! Love the commercial! lol! Wow. You have an amazing home! I knew it was nice from the inside pics I've seen... but it is HUGE! That must be your dream house. Loved all the family pictures! Why wasn't your family taken? hm? Hope your week is blessed!!! xoxo

Kelly said...

I can't believe someone "borrowed" your umbrella. He probably intended on keeping it until you yelled at him. What a meanine!

I got me a Snugie like Autumn's. I love mine. The commercials are silly, but the Snugie is awesome!

suzanne said...

Man, I couldn't even believe that about that guy with your umbrella! I am way too trusting like you. I probably would have been too chicken to say anything to him, so good for you!

The DIY Show Off said...

What a great week! Sorry about your umbrella and the nerve of that guy! Your girls are just so precious! ;)


Anonymous said...

Can you believe that guy would steal your umbrella? I'm amazed at people sometimes. Thanks for sharing all of the pics. You have a beautiful family. (and strawberry cupcakes? yum!) Have a good day...
PK @ Room Remix

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey thanks for thinking of us and the kids. All 4 are still sick. I just called the airlines and I don't think they will let us fly out tomorrow morning.

Its So Very Cheri said...

I forgot to post about the rude guy-how dare him take your umbrella-has he not heard of chivalry?


Katie said...

That Munson is a wild dog! Love all the cute family pics.

cindy@cottage instincts said...

Ok, the umbrella story really cracked me up...cute little girls, handsome cousins, beautiful flowers, fun before and afters, goofy got it all here, so fun to read!