Friday, October 30, 2009

Projects, Princesses and Peanuts..Ohh My!

I hope you all had a great week, although I know how most of you are doing since you blog ;)
I was bored last weekend and looking for something to do. Everyone was occupied doing other things and my wheels were turning. I found this frame with no glass in the laundry room and decided to make something for Alex. She has more wall space than Avery. We love butterflies, so I was thinking butterflies and it had to be made with things I had here. I was not leaving. I love being home on the weekends.
I painted the back white. I found these cute little wooden butterflies and got out the stencils. She loved it.
Austin had to do a cell project for Science. I remember doing this project when Autumn had the same teacher, so I could not bake the cool Betty Crocker Bake N Fill cake for the project for fear that she would remember and think he should have been more original. Anyway, at Hobby Lobby (ahhh, I love that place), I found candle wax. We made his project with wax and it was really fun. He had to label the items, so we made a key. Here he is doing his part, which was hard to get him to do since there was a Halloween special on TV. Don't feel sorry for him. We recorded it!

Here is the finished product! He was proud and he said his friends loved it and the teacher said she would give him extra credit if he took it outside and burned it (not because she did not like it! She just thought it was neat that it was a big fat candle).

We had leftover wax, so I poured it into a silicone muffin pan. OMGosh! We love these little candles! Look for more of this with colors and things floating around.

Avery could not wait until they cooled. They are so squishy and cute!

The little girls had their Fall Festival at preschool, so they got to wear their costumes.

Avery was a Ladybug Princess.

Alex was a Princess. She wanted her hair down with a headband because that is the way she likes it these days. I was trying to put it up. She is beautiful just like this. Don't you think?

Here are some pictures from the Festival.

And here we are! Mom, Me and Cindy with the girls! I love this picture!

Cindy made some boiled peanuts last weekend and had so many left! We got some and I took some to work for all the peeps to enjoy! OMGoodness! They are so good! I started eating them and before I knew it,

there was this monstrous pile of shells! Well, the girls ate some before they left and there is a napkin underneath, but I really overdid it! They were so good, though! I felt sick. I was not happy, but they were good! Do you ever overdo it like that!

After all those salty peanuts, I had to drink alot of water! I mean alot of water!!!! I am still trying to flush salt out! But they were so good!!!!

Of course, after salty, comes sweet! Are you also one of "those"? Well, I bought some 100 calorie brownies from Little Debbie. You know the ones. The regular fattening brownies are really good. Well, why have we not yet realized that 100 calories is just a smaller version of the real thing? LOOK how little that thing was!

I bet you could cut the real ones in half and eat just one for 100 calories and save money! Ohh well, it was good!
Speaking of all this crap I am eating, I have committed to doing 30 minutes of some sort of exercise a day with Mom (Ganky) and Joyce (Mam)! So far, so good this week! I am back to doing my Cindy Whitmarsh videos and I love and hate her all at the same time! She works me hard! Jump on if you would like! Accountability is key!

Enjoy the beauty all around while it is still here! I am!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
til next time...................
BTW, my Hubby is taking me on a date Friday! He has not told me where! Isn't that fun? I will tell you all about it!


Cindy Lou said...

Alex was so excited about the butterfly kisses picture! She loves it and could not wait for me to see it! Love all the pictures and it was great seeing those girls in their costumes that they both love so much! Those peanuts were good but the salt on them are not!!! Have a great date tonight and I can't wait to hear about it!! Love you!

Theresa said...

Sweet butterfly kisses project for my sweet butterfly! They were both so cute in their costumes. Austin's project was awesome and obviously one of a kind. You are so smart like your Mama:) Love you and it looks like since you have a date night with your Hubby, I have a date night with yo chillins:) Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

I loved every pic! Your girls are so very beautiful! Do you use sea salt?! It doesn't stick in your body the same way as table salt and so much better for your health! I just love your blogging style! Hope your date is the best! (and your weekend too!)

Kelli said...

The butterfly project and the one for school turned out great! Your are so creative. Also, love love love the girls costumes. They are so sweet and adorable. Please enjoy your surprise date with your sweet joy. I love dates to look forward to. We haven't had one since August. It's time!!!

Joyce said...

I don't know how you just whip an idea up and then do it with stuff around your house. I don't have a crafty bone in my body. :(
Your kids are sooo cute! Love the costumes!
I do need and appreciate your encouragement so much! It is helping me!!!
Enjoy your date! Don't overeat! lol! xoxo

Kelly said...

I want some peanuts! I love them. It's worth the salt to me. I don't eat much salt, but I do love my boiled peanuts salty!

Cute picture. But the cell candle and the Christmas ones stole my heart. They were adorable. I'd be sad to burn them.

Loved the girls in their costumes. Can't wait to see what everyone else dresses up as.

Have a fun date night! Love those.

The DIY Show Off said...

The picture is so cute and the girls look beautiful in their costumes! :)

Have a fun date night!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly picture you made!! So creative! I am going to start my workouts again too!! Thanks for the motivation :)

Michele said...

The Anonymous above is Michele :)